New York Knicks
Photo: Daily Knicks

For the French back, the New York Knicks will have to react in 2022-2023.

In an interview with L’Equipe, Evan Fournier gives an uncompromising assessment of the disappointing season of the New York Knicks, who will miss the playoffs with 37 wins and 45 losses. “It’s been a while since we felt it is coming, so you can digest it, but you don’t accept it… We never managed to find osmosis, a way to play to win, explains the French back.

With 37 wins, we would be ninth in the West, so in play-in, but as the East has strengthened… Despite this unforeseen factor, it remains a huge disappointment. If we don’t have a much better season next year, they’re all going to fuck us out!”

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