How Many Games in the NBA Season

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of the most well-known professional sports leagues in the world. The organization and schedule of the NBA might be complicated, but comprehending the number of games played in a season can help fans appreciate the competition and the accomplishments of their favorite teams and players.

In this article, I will look into how many games are played in a season and Comparison with other leagues.

How Many Games Are in an NBA Season?

Here’s an overview of Games Are in an NBA Season:

Total games: Each team plays a total of 82 games.

  • Conference Games: Teams play 52 games within their own conference.
  • Division Games: 16 games are played against teams within their own division (4 games against each of the 4 divisional opponents).
  • Non-division Games: 36 games are played against the remaining 10 teams within their conference (3 or 4 games against each team).
  • Interconference Games: Teams play 30 games against teams from the opposing conference (2 games against each of the 15 teams).
  • The NBA season hasn’t always consisted of 82 games. The NBA used an 82-game regular season schedule in 1967–68. Before that, though, seasons consisted of 68 to 80 games for each team.

Comparison to Other Professional Sports Leagues

Here are some key differences between the NBA and these leagues:

NFL: Each club in the National Football League plays one game every week for 18 weeks during its extremely brief regular season, which consists of just 17 games. The NFL playoffs feature 14 teams and the last four rounds, concluding in the Super Bowl.

MLB: At 162 games per team, Major League Baseball is the longest regular season of the four major sports leagues in North America. The playoffs consist of ten teams and take place over four rounds, culminating in the World Series.

NHL: The National Hockey League, like the NBA, features a regular season of 82 games per franchise. The NHL playoffs, on the other hand, have 16 teams and are divided into four rounds, concluding in the Stanley Cup Finals.

As compared to other major sports leagues, the NBA season duration sits halfway in the center. The NBA season’s length significantly affects the performance of both individual players and teams, as it sets the number of games played, the rest periods in between, and the overall schedule. It falls in between the NFL and MLB in duration and is comparable to the NHL.


The normal NBA season consists of 82 games per team and 1,230 games overall, with the regular season accounting for the majority of the season and the playoffs deciding the overall NBA champion. The length of the season greatly affects how well clubs and players perform, as well as their earnings and fan engagement. While the duration of the season has changed over time owing to a variety of variables, it is now set at 82 games per club.

The NBA season duration may continue to alter in the future as the league meets new problems and possibilities. Nonetheless, the impact of season duration in determining NBA success stays constant. The NBA’s season length will surely continue to play a crucial part in the league’s success as it grows in popularity and income.

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