Over the years we have seen a significant evolution to the game of basketball. Emerging players have brought new techniques and playing styles altering the way teams set up both offensively and defensively. One of the players who has had a serious impact on how the game is played is Golden State Warriors point guard, Steph Curry.

Thanks to his supreme control and outstanding accuracy, Curry has changed the way basketball is played in many ways. The point guard position has been completely reimagined along with the way teams set up their defense, a key reason why the popularity of the game has grown through California and the Bay Area.

Fans of the game are always looking for the best way to place bets on their favorite teams and players. According to odds found by operators on bestsportsbettingcalifornia.com the odds for Curry to score the first basket are always high, even against the more formidable teams. Steph’s current odds against the Lakers are +600 to score first, +340 to score a double-double, and +115 to score under 4.5 threes during the game, showing how much effect he has on each game.


Steph’s contribution to basketball overall has been some of the most effective ever. His legacy will likely impact the game for years to come, bringing inspiration to new players wanting to push the boundaries of what seems possible.

The NBA has changed through Steph Curry, revolutionizing the way basketball is played, especially regarding three-point shots. He has made them an essential area of the game and shown how impactful they can be when executed correctly.

This style of play has been critical in the success of the Warriors and their style of small-ball basketball. The sheer volume of shots made by Curry from beyond the three-point line has altered how the league thinks, establishing a new plan to win on the court.

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The success of Curry led to serious imitation across the league with nearly all teams adopting this style of play. Steph’s style of play has altered the way people think about the point guard position showing you can change the game by focusing on your strengths rather than the way things ‘should’ be done.


The three-pointer has now become a crucial part of the game with many teams using it to win games, all largely down to Steph Curry. The distances that Curry is taking his shots are unmatched making it a very difficult shot to defend against. Due to this change in gameplay, the players who have consistently made three-point shots have become some of the most valuable on the court.

The success that Curry has brought to the Warriors has led to opposing teams changing the way they line up on the court, now prioritizing defending on the three-point line. Defensive strategies are changing with this evolution putting greater emphasis on areas that in the past were not monitored as heavily. This defensive change has allowed players to start scoring on the inside, leading to even more changes but now in the offensive areas of the game.

Steph Curry has revolutionized basketball as we know it, thanks to his unbeaten three-point shot skills. For something that wasn’t such an important area of the game to become an integral cog in the strategies of many teams takes a certain type of player. That player is Steph Curry.

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