The NBA is one of the most popular sports competitions to bet on, with millions of wagers placed on the outcome of games every season. Matches may be played in the United States, but they are screened live across the globe, allowing sports fans to follow the action from the United Kingdom, France, Serbia, Australia and further afield. The attention levels concerning NBA are showing no signs of slowing down with new fans and new bettors joining the fold every year.

Anyone who has ever watched an NBA match at the stadium in person or on television already knows why the organisation is so popular with bettors. Games are fast-paced, frantic and emotional, with plenty of high-scoring matches, talking points and controversy. Differences in opinion amongst fans lead to bets being placed on sportsbooks and exchanges. Basketball supporters understand just how competitive the sport is, and they use this to make predictions and place bets.

How do you bet on basketball, what are the most popular markets, and how do you get a free bet on the NBA? You will find these questions answered in detail on this page. We cover everything worth knowing, from landing a free bet to securing the NBA draft best bets. The important thing to remember when betting on the NBA is you have options.

NBA on a Bar

Getting a free bet

Your first step when deciding to place bets on this season’s NBA is to find an online bookmaker that is legal and licensed in your region. You should also double-check that sportsbook gambling is legal in your city. If everything is in order and above board, it’s time to choose the right bookie for you. This isn’t always the bookie with the biggest free bet, although that’s something to keep in mind. The best betting apps offer new players a welcome bonus.

Sportsbooks use these deals to help them stand out from the crowd in what has become a fiercely competitive market over the last few years. The most popular bonus for new customers is the deposit matched free bet, which gives you tokens equal in value to your first deposit and wager. Suppose you sign-up, deposit $20 and gamble on the NBA. You will then receive a $20 free bet to use on your favourite team or the next live match due to be shown on television.

Important Thing

The most important thing to remember when betting on the NBA is there is no sure-fire way to beat the bookies. No magic formula that guarantees you will make a profit every time you place a bet. Any tipster or bettor claiming anything different is dangerous and should be viewed as a potential scam.

There are ways you can improve your chances of making a profit with research the most important. Do as much research into a fixture as possible before parting with your hard-earned cash; you can be sure the bookies’ traders are doing their homework. Look for recent form, injury news, league standings, head to head and more.

Even the gossip columns of newspapers and the fans’ websites can help. These often give you the information you won’t find elsewhere, and the opinion articles are helpful.

Markets and specials

It’s also important that you know the different types of betting markets available to you and how to use them. These include match winner, total points and half time/full time. There are also many exciting specials, like draft picks, to make the playoffs or to win the title.

It’s worth knowing what’s available to you as there may be an option that increases your chances of making a profit. For example, you may fancy the chances of the underdog in a match and consider backing them to win, but taking them on the handicap may increase your chances of landing a pay-out.

When there is a big match approaching, such as the playoffs, you are likely to find bookies ramping up their specials. This may be a price boost on the favourites or even a free bet on the total points. There is something for everyone when it comes to betting on the NBA.


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