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The ball-making of the world’s best basketball league, NBA is taken over by Wilson. The ball has not much changed, the color, size, and shape are the same, but the players claim that there is a little change on it.

Hanlen posted another theory online last week. He said “A lot of people are talking about the rule changes resulting in fewer free throws, but not much has been said about the ball change which has made a HUGE impact. Out of last year’s All-Stars that have attempted a 3 this season, 17/22 are shooting under 36% from 3.”

The offense is down this season in NBA. The shooting is 34.2% which is 24.6% less than the last year. The short offseason or the foul call interceptions have been blamed for this. But the players and the coaches are blaming the new ball for the down of offense.

Clippers’ All-Star Paul George agreed with it and said, “Not to make an excuse or anything, but I said that about the ball, it’s just a different basketball,”

“It doesn’t have the same touch of softness that the Spaulding ball had. You’ll see this year, it’s going to be a lot of bad misses. I think you’ve seen a lot of airballs so far this season.

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“So again, not to put an excuse or blame the basketball, but it is different. It’s no secret, it’s a different basketball.” George said

Wilson tried to keep a limited change and make the ball as smooth as possible. The new ball is made with the same materials, configuration, and performance specifications. Wilson worked with many stars players and tested the prototype balls over the past year and made the final version.

Rockets coach Stephen Silas said, “When we first got the ball the guys, anything new, they were like “why’d they change” and all that, but since the first couple weeks we had the ball I haven’t had anyone come up to me and say anything about it.”

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We will have to see how NBA deals with the situation. In 2006, an ill-fated ball was used for a few months, but it was hated by the players. The league had to switch back to the leather ball in the midseason. Let’s see what is the fate of this Wilson ball.


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