NBL Blitz Basketball
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The NBL Blitz 2021 has started on Saturday, November 13 in Melbourne. And then on 14th November occurred the grand opening of it in MyState Bank Arena in Tasmania.

Over Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales starring all 10 NBL teams a total of 22 preseason tournaments will take place as the role of the NBL Blitz.





Venue: Tasmania, Victoria

TV Channel: Sky Sports




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What is NBL?

The National Basketball League (NBL) is a men’s professional basketball federation which is in Oceania. Nowadays it is containing a total number of 10 teams. From these 10 teams, 9 in Australia and 1 in New Zealand. It is the exclusive adept men’s basketball coalition in Australia and New Zealand.

It was founded in 1979, 42 years ago from now but still, it is containing the same popularity as it’s the golden period.

In the tardy 1980s and early 1990s, the NBL has undergone its golden period. Though its popularity, media vigilance, attendance, and corporate assistance are still eroded and plateaued in the decade later with the expansion of the country’s four football rules.

Generally, the NBL is Australia’s second oldest proceeding federal sporting event after the tamed cricket tournament as until 1980, football tournaments were especially state-based.

Here you will get to know about when and where schedules and how to live stream and TV info of NBL Blitz 2021.

So, let’s get into it.

When and where is the NBL Blitz 2021?

NBL Blitz 2021 has started on 13th November this year and it will end up on 28th November.

This year it will take place across Tasmania, Victoria, and New South Wales starring all 10 NBL teams.

NBL Blitz Schedule:

Here we provide all the schedules of NBL Blitz.

*All the time in AEDT

Match Date Time
New Zealand vs Sydney 18 Thursday, November 7.30 PM
Brisbane vs Perth 19 Friday, November 7.30 PM
New Zealand vs S.E. Melbourne 20 Saturday, November 5.30 PM
Melbourne vs Illawarra 20 Saturday, November 7.30 PM
Perth vs Cairns 21 Sunday, November 1.00 PM
Adelaide vs Tasmania 21 Sunday, November 3.00 PM
Cairns vs Brisbane 24 Wednesday, November 5.30 PM
Perth vs Tasmania 24 Wednesday, November 7.30 PM
Illawarra vs New Zealand 25 Thursday, November 7.30 PM
Tasmania vs Cairns 26 Friday, November 5.30 PM
Adelaide vs Perth 26 Friday, November 7.30 PM
Illawarra vs Sydney 27 Saturday, November 7.30 PM
Brisbane vs Adelaide 28 Sunday, November 1.00 PM
S.E. Melbourne vs Melbourne 28 Sunday, November 3.00 PM

Ways to Watch NBL Basketball 2021:

NBL is presently the most existing basketball tournament for all basketball lovers. Both analysts and fans are expecting an enjoyable series this year. Here we will talk about how to live stream NBL Blitz 2021.

Live Streaming Options

This whole series will be streamed live by Sky Sports Network and Sky Sports Go. Sky Sports is one of the most prominent live-streaming sites in the UK. Without facing any hassles you can enjoy the whole series of NBL Basketball 2021 here.

It will be also broadcast on Kayo and Sky Sport NZ. It will cost you $59.95 on Kayo. You can also enjoy this match on sky sports’ official website. Also from the NBL app, you can enjoy the whole series on your phone. With this app, it will be easier to watch matches because you can enjoy it whenever you want, and also you can watch matches live.

Also, you can watch this series on NBL’s official Youtube Channel. It will cost no money or subscription fees to watch this series. So, you can enjoy all previous and upcoming matches easily with their YouTube channel.

And the third streaming option we have here is some unauthorized sites and social media pages. You can search on google and on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There will be a lot of sites, they allow free streaming.


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