Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls have been making headlines throughout NBA free agency this summer as the iconic franchise continues to look to add to their roster with quality talent in order to try and propel themselves into the conversation as Championship winners.

Indeed, the historic franchise has had a rather disappointing number of years since the glory years that were experienced in the 1990s, however the team is continuing to soldier on and work hard to try and obtain some success, with their last major achievement being back in 2012 when they won a Divisional title.

Player retention and acquisition are key to success

Of course, player acquisition – and retainment – are vital in ensuring that those aims can be achieved, and it seems the Bulls are looking to do as much as they can in this department, with the NBA free agency period seemingly going well for Billy Donovan’s team.

In this article, we will take a look at what has been achieved thus far by the Bulls, and what could still potentially happen as the offseason continues to progress.

Chicago Bulls doing their best to bring the band back together

As highlighted, player retention can be a huge way of ensuring that success can be followed when on the basketball court, and the Chicago Bulls have certainly tried to ensure they keep as much of the roster as possible together.

Indeed, they have managed to resign two of the biggest stars on the team that had hit free agency, with both Zach LaVine and Derrick Jones Jr. both committing to new deals with the organization. LaVine is understood to have agreed to a maximum extension worth $215.2 million that will go over the course of five years, while DJJ has been signed to a new two-year contract that is worth $6.6 million. It is worth noting that the second year is thought to be a player option, too.

Naturally, both of these moves have to be considered to be rather positive by the Bulls, as both men have been able to provide strong production numbers while on the court. For instance, DJJ was very strong defensively, while the five-year deal for LaVine means he will essentially continue and see out the prime portion of his career with the franchise, thus ensuring that the organization has the best opportunity of success while he is still with them.

Admittedly, there will be those who will be feeling a little more confident about the Bulls this season following the retention of these two stars, with some perhaps also feeling a little more interested in the possibility of placing a bet on what could happen in the NBA season next year.

Indeed, with Chicago odds in Caesars Illinois sportsbooks already being presented, fans may be looking at them with a little more interest and intrigue as they wonder what could potentially happen once the competitive season returns to our courts.

Of course, for many, they may only become interested in wagering on the Bulls if they are able to add pieces to the roster that can be used to build around the likes of LaVine and DJJ, and it would seem the team is looking to do just that at the moment.

Who have the Bulls added in free agency so far?

If you were to try and grade how NBA free agency has gone for the Chicago Bulls, then there will be some who will be scoring it rather high given the moves that they have made in regard to bringing in some fresh faces!

Of course, retaining DJJ and LaVine will have felt like a major win anyways, but the acquisition of Andre Drummond is huge for the organization. The player is a veteran of the league and one that has consistently proven that he can be a big player for whichever team he turns out for. Despite being 28 years old and a journeyman, there is no doubt that the experienced player will be able to provide the franchise with a lot of value when on the court, especially when he is on the board.

Add in the fact that another experienced player in Goran Dragic has been signed, you can see the Chicago Bulls have been making moves in free agency. Another individual to have arrived from the Brooklyn Nets this summer, the 36-year-old will feel he still has something to prove after only being used sparingly. However, what was noticeable was his production in the disappointing playoffs 4-0 drubbing by the Boston Celtics. He managed to average 10.5 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 1.5 assists in fewer than 20 minutes per game; some, though, will suggest this is hardly a surprise as Dragic has managed to do this over the years consistently.

Nonetheless, if the Bulls were to make the postseason once again next year after crashing out this year in the first round to the Milwaukee Bucks 4-1, then there should be a lot of excitement around Chicago regarding their chances of progressing further.

What else could we see happen in free agency?

Of course, there are always going to be a number of rumors circulating over the course of free agency, and it would not be a surprise if we were to see the Chicago Bulls be included in some of them. With players like Kevin Durant supposedly on the radar – although any team would like to have the 12x All-Star – it is clear the organization will be linked.

However, it is perhaps worth considering the fact that the team is already at its maximum roster size, and any move for new additions would mean other players having to leave first. Of course, anything can happen during free agency which is why so many of us love this period of the offseason, but it might be worth dialing that excitement down a little.

Nonetheless, if this is how the Bulls end up come the start of the 2022/23 NBA season, then you would have to say they have made the most of it and have done rather well!


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