JCK Night Cage Series
This weekend provided us with particularly beautiful gestures. Here is one more with this perfect knockout, thanks to a spinning back kick.
In MMA, knockouts are often legion. This Saturday, we saw a knockout with perfect timing between Aerdake Apaer and Guo Xu Yang during the JCK Night Cage Series in China.
The event saw four knockouts and one win per submission on the main card. But one knockout stood out among the others. And he is already running for the best knockout of the year!
This occurred between the two welterweight fighters, Aerdake Apaer and Guo Xu Yang. And just 28 seconds into the first round, Apaer put a huge spinning back kick that hit Yang in the head. It knocked him out instantly.
Watch the knockout:
Also appreciate Oleg Popov, who atomized Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva with a single punch. And the brutal knockout of Sabah Homasi on Maycon Mendonca in 58 seconds. If not, just click on the links.
Do you think this knockout can be the best of this year, 2022?
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