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The covid-19 virus has shaken up all the sectors in the world. It has created a huge controversy in the sports world too. From avoiding vaccination to making fake reports everything happened in the last two years.

Last year in the football match of Argentina vs Brazil some players use fake reports. In the tennis sector most talked about Covid-19 case is Novak’s not getting vaccination which is still on.

Now, recently Australian number one ranked player Alex De Minaur came to the news for using fake vaccination papers. Alex De Minaur is one of the most prominent players in the whole world. He came to number 15 in the world tennis rank last year. He last played in his country, Australia Open. Minaur reached the quarterfinal in that event but unfortunately, he lost against Greek tennis star Stefanos Tsitsipas. Minaur didn’t play at any other tournament since competing in the AU Open. We may probably see him next in the Indian Wells.

Minaur was staying in Spain for the European season. There Spain media published an article about a few athletes saying these players are under police investigation for using fake Covid-19 vaccination papers. The problem started when some European police officers find out at the airport that some people used fake papers to enter the country. Anyway, Minaur’s name was also on the enlisted in the investigation athletes named. The news immediately raises so many questions pointing at Minaur. It also affects his reputation and fame. If somehow Minaur proved guilty then his career could be in jeopardy.

After the news went out all over the world, Minaur immediately stated on social media that he has nothing to do with fake vaccination. He showed proved his support and refuse the charge against him.

What did Alex De Minaur say in response to being accused of using fake vaccination papers?

Minaur said on social media, “Hello everyone. I wanted to write a quick message here to clear all the misunderstandings regarding a report that is in the Spanish media about my vaccination(Covid-19) certificate.”

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“I took my first dose of the vaccine last summer in London and the second one at the Hospital La Paz which is in Madrid. The news came out today that the hospital is under investigation for providing falsified Covid-19 certificates to some of its patients.”

“I want to make it hundred percent clear that I received my second shot, that I have a completely valid, correct, and true vaccination record. Everyone around me, including my family, is fully vaccinated.”

“I am not ‘under investigation in any way as is being suggested and my name is connected to this story simply because I was a patient at the hospital (as many thousands of others were).”

If any player is found guilty of using a fake vaccination report then he would have to pay more than 100,000 dollars as a fine. Plus the player will be suspended from that ATP tournament for at least three or four years.

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