Alexander Volkanovski
The current UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski wants to face Charles Oliveira for the lightweight title.
Alexander Volkanovski will fight Max Holloway in a trilogy at UFC 276 next month. Volkanovski remains on two victories against Holloway, who will be keen to score a point in their confrontation.
But Volkanovski already talked about switching to lightweights since April before this fight.
And he now looks set to do so right after his next fight at UFC 276:
Yeah, that’s why I talked about that third fight with Max as a great fight. After this one, I’ll do my thing. This will give me time to at least have a chance to aim for the status of a double champion. That is what I want. I will do what I plan to do, and that’s what I’m going to ask.
Right after that, Alexander Volkanovski raised the possibility of fighting Charles Oliveira. Charles lost his lightweight title for a failed cut last month at UFC 274, to become a two-time UFC champion:
When I look at Oliveira, I see a dangerous fighter in him. Many people like to see him fight. These are exciting fights. But obviously, he showed that he could be beaten.
He showed it in his last fights. Even though they were exciting, he was almost beaten every time. The thing is, with me, I’m not going to give him those opportunities. If I land well on someone, they won’t have the chance to land well on me.
Alexander is waiting for this potential future opportunity to fight Oliveira. Now, he is training with Israel Adesanya before UFC 276 to best prepare for his fight against Holloway.
Do you think one day we will see Alexander Volkanovski face Charles Oliveira?
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