Alexander Zverev at the Mexican Open
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Alexander Zverev is a German professional tennis player who is known as the world’s number 3 ranked ATP player. Recently a really unwanted and unpleasant incident occurred by this Tennis player which been recent news over Zverev. Let’s find out that news:

Ultimate misbehavior, a racket in the umpire’s chair, abuses on the court, Zverev expelled from the Mexican Open.

The chair umpire narrowly escaped Zverev’s wrath. Not being happy with the chair umpire’s decision, tennis stars are often seen standing on the court and expressing their disappointment. It has also become a well-known phenomenon to see the racket being thrown in the court in anger.

Superstars like Serena Williams have also been seen arguing with the chair amper by raising their fingers. But what Alexander Zverev did at the Mexican Open is unprecedented. It is doubtful if any tennis star has been seen doing such misbehavior with the chair umpire before.

What happened?

Zverev played the doubles of the ATP 500 event with Brazil’s Marcelo Melo in Acapulco. In the match, Zverev was so angry with the chair umpire’s decision that when he left the court, he started throwing a cross-wheel on the umpire’s chair. The chair umpire narrowly escaped a major injury. Even after he got down from the chair, Zverev’s assimilation continued.

Before that, Zverev stood on the court and argued with the umpire, but also abused him. Naturally, the ATP did not accept such unsportsmanlike behavior of the world number three German star. They expelled Zverev from the Acapulco event.

The ATP issued a notification informing it of Zverev’s expulsion. An updated schedule was also published.

World’s number 3 ranked Alexander Zverev’s this kind of behavior is really not appreciable at all. There the umpire stood to go down from his chair meanwhile, Zverev walked back over and took another swing.

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World No. 3 Alexander Zverev has been booted out of the Mexican Open after attacking the umpire’s chair with his racquet during an astonishing rant.

The Olympic champion and doubles partner Marcelo Melo were furious with a line call during the closing stages of their (6-2 4-6 10-6 tie break) defeat to Harri Heliovaara and Lloyd Glasspool.

Zverev showed a good gesture by shaking hands at the net after the final point. But after that, he suddenly then turned into his rage on the umpire and lashed out at the chair with his racquet three consecutive times. It happened before returning for a fourth crack as the umpire descended the stairs.

Punishment for Alexander Zverev’s behavior:

The Association of Tennis Professionals uttered, “Due to unsportsmanlike conduct at the conclusion of his doubles match on Tuesday night,” Moreover they also said, “Alexander Zverev has been withdrawn from the tournament in Acapulco.

Zverev was so disgusted and screamed by saying, “Look where the ball bounced … 8-6 in the tiebreak … for f***s sake … it’s f***ing your line … f***ing idiot.” He yelled at the umpire.

Thus he was kicked out of Mexican Open for attacking the umpire’s chair with a racket.

Moreover, he has been removed away from a tournament in Acapulco as well as he had to face a hefty punishment also.

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