amanda nunes vs julianna pena

At UFC 269, Amanda Nunes suffered her first octagon loss since 2014. “The Lioness” wanted to express herself about this.

For 6 long years, Amanda Nunes ruled with an iron fist over the bantamweight division in the UFC. As an indisputable champion, “La Lionne” almost cleaned up the division.

She even allowed herself to win the featherweight division title before defending it 2 times.

During these years of domination, Amanda Nunes seemed untouchable as she outclassed her opponents. Even so, in December 2021, Nunes suffered a defeat at the hands of Julianna Peña that surprised the whole world.

In a recent interview with Laura Sanko on the “One on One” Youtube channel, the former bantamweight champion admitted that this defeat had relieved her.

Everything about this fight has been very good for me,” Nunes said. Of course, I lost my belt, I don’t want to lose my belt, but it takes a little pressure off me, too.

The belt has been with me for so long, and I’ve been training for big fights and all these things. That’s a lot. For years and years, everything was going so fast in my life. I become this. I become that, it’s a lot of things to wear.

I also cleaned up the division. There was no one left. It’s normal for you to slow down a bit.

Amanda Nunes will have the opportunity to reclaim her bantamweight title on July 30 at UFC 277. Then she will face Julianna Peña in a highly anticipated rematch.

Do you think Amanda Nunes will be able to get her belt back?
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