Andrew Wiggins
Credit: NBC Sports
Andrew Wiggins earned his first all-star spot this year and played a crucial role in the Golden State Warriors’ race for the NBA title. But he still regrets one thing he did this season.
“I still wish I hadn’t been [vaccinated], to be honest with you,” Wiggins told FanSided.
At the start of the season, Wiggins said he was torn by the decision to get vaccinated against COVID-19. If Wiggins hadn’t been vaccinated, he would have been in the same boat as Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving.
Unlike Irving, Wiggins was vaccinated before the start of the NBA season.
“I did it, and I was a star this year and a champion. So it was the good part of not missing the year, the best year of my career,” Wiggins said.
But for my body, I don’t like to put all that in my body, so I didn’t like it, and I didn’t like that it wasn’t my choice. I didn’t like it to be ‘Take that or don’t play either.”
Wiggins, age 27 is heading into the final season of his $147 million rookie contract extension signed in 2017 with the Minnesota Timberwolves before becoming a free agent next year.
“I’d love to stay here,” Wiggins said during the Warriors’ Release Interviews in June. Being here is my priority. The way they treat players… we are all one big family.
I have the impression that many places can say this, but they show it through their actions here.


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