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Seeing Del Potro in Argentina Open was very joyful for all the tennis fans. Potro in his country land after everything he had been through was really something. Everyone was excited to see what Potro will do in his country court. Before 2019, Potro was one of the biggest championships and a fearful name to everyone.

But after mid-2019 he kinda lost it and become more of a middle division player. This is very odd cause we all can recall the performance given by Potro. His attending at Argentina Open made everyone thinks that Potro will return to his old form.

But, he delivered the very sad news to his fans at the conference. Nobody thought Potro will go to retirement now. It came unexpectedly cause Potro had some major accidents in his career. But he never stops coming back. That’s why the news shocked everyone.

At the conference, he said that he wanna send a message before starting the conference. He said that he had spent a lot of time thinking and imagining that day and he knew that it would be the hardest message to deliver.

Everybody was expecting the return of Potro but he said, “This will be more like farewell than a return.”

Potro says, “I (Potro) always overcame everything. I do not want to close the door. I am very excited because I love tennis. Today I have to be honest so as not to give the wrong message.” “If I’m honest I have to say that I’m not here for a miraculous comeback like on other occasions. I know the limitations I have physically, and we’ll see later.”

So, this ATP Tour will probably be the last time Potro will step into court. He also said that he will come to Rio for the next fight but that we probably won’t see the boss on the tennis court.

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Why Del Potro is going to retire?

Del Potro has spent a long career time in tennis. He started his professional tennis in 2005. Since then the Argentine boy came a long way and became the world’s most prominent tennis player of all time. His rank was number 3 when won the BNP Paribas Open in 2018.

Potro won his grand slam in 2009 at the US Open. In that event, Potro defeated the two biggest tennis stars, Nadal in the semifinals and Roger Federer in the final. Potro had so many other achievements too in his career.

Potro had faced major injury a couple of times. For injury, He had to cut a lot of times from his career, notably in 2010, 2014-16.

He always says, “With this injury, I always said I wouldn’t give up. The farewell had to be on a court and not in a conference.”

But his last knee surgery has become more painful day by day. He said that he can’t sleep for two and half hours of pain. He can’t even drive long without stretching his leg.

Injury is the main reason behind the retirement of Potro. After the Argentina Open and Rio Open, Potro will probably leave the tennis court that was once most favorite place.

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