Ashleigh barty
Former world No. 1 tennis player Ashleigh Barty retired last March. She has ruled out returning to the world of professional sports by becoming a golfer.
“You really can’t get used to the idea that I don’t want to play a sport professionally anymore,” the Australian said Monday night on Melbourne radio.
“I love golf, it’s one of my hobbies, but it won’t become my job. I don’t intend to make it my job […] I have no need or desire to still practice a professional sport, especially golf.
I love it, like an outing with my friends, but no thanks, not for me,” she added.
At only 25 years old, she was at the top of her sport. She had won the Australian Open a few weeks earlier in front of her home crowd.
Ashleigh Barty surprised the sports world by announcing her retirement to “pursue other dreams.”
An accomplished golfer – she had won a tournament on a course near Brisbane. It was designed by the great Australian champion Greg Norman during the health crisis. Then she preferred to stay in Australia – Barty is also an accomplished cricketer.
She had played a season of the Australian Women’s Championship, putting her tennis career on hold at 18.
Since her retirement, Barty has been engaged and has published a series of children’s books, Little Ash.
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