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While we live our ordinary lives on Earth, astronauts take space trips and explore our galaxy. In the exciting world of space, the astronauts always have adventures and stories to tell. While we stay on our planet, the astronauts leave the Earth and come back, so let’s discover the story of Frank Rubio, who has just returned from a space trip.

If you cannot experience the unique emotions of traveling on a spaceship, you always have a chance to add some hazard to your life by playing at the online casino Canada real money this site. Yes, the choice of a reliable casino can take time; however, we will limit your search to King Billy Casino, which is one of the most trusted Canadian casinos.

US Astronaut has Just Returned to Earth

Frank Rubio, a NASA astronaut, has recently returned to Earth. The astronaut spent more than a year in space and has finally returned to share his experience with us. He had a space trip with other astronauts from Russia, Sergey Prokopyev and Dmitri Petelin, and landed in Kazakhstan.

Initially, the astronaut was supposed to spend only six months on his mission, yet, the circumstances made their corrections. Frank Rubio needed to stay twice time more at the spaceship due to a coolant leak on the space station. This event led to setting a new record.

Exciting Space Games

People who are interested in space and space trips are usually fond of TV series or movies on space topics. Yet, there are much more exciting ways to spend time and feel the atmosphere of space.

For example, King Billy, the best Canadian online casino, offers slots titled Spaceman or Space Spins, which come with whole space settings and have a unique atmosphere.


The plot of the slot revolves around a spaceman who is flying high, and while he flies, the bet the player has placed multiplies. The multiplier can bring you big winnings up to 5,000x. The idea of the slot is that the player should predict at which height the spaceman will crush.

The higher the spaceman goes, the more the player will win. However, here is the trick. If you keep waiting for the multiplier to increase, you may lose the money you have already won, and you need to withdraw the money more quickly.

Space Spins

The Space Spins is dedicated to space topics, where the players travel through the Universe, meeting the minerals they encounter. These are the ones that players will see on the machine’s reels.

The symbols are located on the screen of a spaceship, flanked by meteorites and distant stars flying past. The slot plays cosmic music, which creates a complete feeling of flying through spaces unknown to mankind.

It is accompanied by game sounds, which, like music, can be turned off if desired. The slot is favorable to the player and has an average RTP.

New Record Broken

The astronaut broke the record of staying for the longest time in space (among US astronauts). Frank Rubio also mentioned that he would not agree to this mission if he knew that it would take so long.

You can also break your own record of winning in the online casino Canada; furthermore, it can also bring you financial rewards. You can break the record of trying out a certain number of new slots or winning a certain amount.

All the fun is available at the online casino Canada, with the best slots and table games.

Online Casino is Suitable for Everyone

Casino players consist of people of different nationalities, hobbies, and interests. Online casino platforms are popular among various people because of the unique entertainment and opportunity to relax and have fun simultaneously.

Having Fun and Relax

While some people consider casino games an opportunity to win extra money, many players enjoy the gambling process. Casino games like slots offer great graphics, nice soundtracks, and interesting game plots.

Moreover, players can find games on their favorite topics, such as adventures, space, or ancient times. It is similar to choosing a game to play on the computer or watching some TV series. Every player will find something to their taste.

Winning Money

Now, let’s return to the people who see an online casino as a way to earn additional cash. Indeed, online casino platforms are the trustworthy platforms you can entrust your money to and expect to win even more. Players can choose the games to their taste, bringing them fun and pleasure from seeing additional money added to their balance.

Furthermore, all the transactions are encrypted and safe, so none of your data or credit card information may be stolen. Money will be added to your credit card or a balance on the same day you request to withdraw them.

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