ATP WTA ITF banned Russian tennis players
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As the war begins between Russia and Ukraine it affects the whole world and every life. So many things are depending on the war. People taking sides between Russia and Ukraine. And most of the people is supporting Ukraine. Everyone is trying to help the Ukrainian government and their people.

What Russia is doing is completely illegal and unethical. Cause no government has the right to attack other countries. Though Russia is claiming that it’s their right to take over Ukraine cause racially Ukraine is a part of Russia. But the truth is, Ukraine has richer culture and racially they are in a higher class in every perspective.

Anyway, WTA, ATP, and ITF made their decision and cleared their position in the war. They decided to suspend every Russian team from participating in any ATP, WTA & ITF tournament. But they will allow individual Russian players in their tournament.

So, we will get to see all the Russian stars in the upcoming tournaments. Until any further notice, the rule will go on. Some of the players may face difficulty joining in tournaments for this, but the tennis board is still kept open their for players.

ATP, WTA & ITF says in the statement, “A deep sense of distress, shock, and sadness has been felt across in the entire tennis community following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in the last week. Our supports are with the people of Ukraine, plus we prised the many tennis players who have spoken out and taken action against this unacceptable act of aggression. We echo their calls against the violence to end and peace to return.”

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They also added on the statement, “The safety of the tennis community is now our most immediate collective priority. The focus of the WTA and ATP in particular in recent days has been on contacting current and former players, and other members of the tennis community from Ukraine and neighboring countries, to check on their safety and offer any assistance.”

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Daniil Medvedev Suspended on Russia’s matter!!:

On the other, some people don’t want Daniil Medvedev to play in the grand slams or any tournament for being a Russian tennis star. Especially, Ukraine tennis board president Seva Kewlysh says he wants ITF to banned the number one Medvedev. Medvedev recently become the world’s number ATP ranked. He is the first person out of the four who achieve that position. He is now the most successful Russian tennis ever.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Kewlysh says, “Let (Medvedev) play on the ATP Tour but Grand Slams are ITF events and if you lose the possibility to play in Grand Slams he could never be world number one.”

“He shouldn’t play in the French Open, US Open, and Wimbledon. “I don’t care that Russia is the holder of the Davis Cup and Billie Jean King Cup. It would shame them when the holders are kicked out of these events.”

ATP, WTA already moved all of their tournament that was scheduled in Russia and Belarus. They are also helping their tennis players who are from Ukraine.  The board offered them safety and a new secure place in some other countries.

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