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Sri Lanka’s test match draw and second-day victory over Australia shake the World Test Championship point bar. Australia lose their top place on the leaderboard and Sri Lanka put behind three teams and earned the third position on the ranking.

Sri Lanka is passing one of the roughest times in its history. All their system has broken down. Their economy falls apart, their politics are completely imbalanced, people are starving and have lots of other problems. During that time their cricket team is also suffering a lot.

Sri Lanka was almost unable to manage their eleven players for the Galle series. They lost their four major players to the Covid-19 virus. There were no one at the beginning those can fill up their gap. Then Sri Lanka finally decided to go on with four new players. But that didn’t prevent them from seizing the victory from Australia.

This sole win of Sri Lanka has highly affected the whole World Test Championship scoring. Besides bringing a huge change in the leaderboard, it also made the championship competition even more thrilling and interesting. Now all the team will compete with a new spirit and energy to place them at the top.

It was the second test in the Galle and Sri Lanka won over Australia by innings and 39 points within four days. Australia has to give up their top place after this defeat. South Africa overpassed the Pat Cummins team and become the new topper. Sri Lankan spinner PrabathJayasuriya’s amazing debut helped a lot to win the game. It was also impossible without the contribution of Dinesh Chandimal’s unbeaten 206 runs. With these amazing performances of their player, Sri Lanka made a notable improvement on the ranking board. DimuthKarunaratne’s team placed themselves in the third position.

Australian coach Andrew Mcdonald said after losing the second-day game, “The reality is some of our players haven’t been here before. So you could call it a reality check because it’s the first experience”

He also added, “It’s a sample size of one. We have the opportunity to learn from that. And we’ll take that. But we learned a hell of a lot in the first game too.”

“You can learn through winning and you can learn through defeat too.”

The current scoreboard of the World Test Championship:

After drawing with Australia, Sri Lanka put behind three teams, – Pakistan, India and West Indies. As Sri Lanka upgraded to number three, Pakistan, India and West Indies fall one point behind respectively four, five and six.

International Cricket Council said, “South Africa take over as the new leader on the latest standings with a win-loss percentage of 71.43 per cent, while Australia drop to the second place with 70 per cent after their first Test loss in the current period.”

“Sri Lanka are now firmly in the mix for the World Test Championship final next year, with their win helping them jump in front of Pakistan, India and West Indies.”

  1. South Africa- 71.43
  2. Australia- 70.00
  3. Sri Lanka- 54.17
  4. Pakistan- 52.38
  5. India- 52.08
  6. West Indies- 50.00
  7. England- 33.33
  8. New Zealand- 25.93
  9. Bangladesh- 13.13

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