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Austrian club RB Salzburg stepped onto the field to play their first-round 16 knockout matches. It was the club’s first game to play in the knockout round. And unfortunately, their enemy was the favorite team in the tournament Bayern Munich.

It was a home match for the Salzburg boys, but in front of their opponents, they weren’t supposed to get many benefits from that. Bayern is an undefeated champion in the UEFA home away matches since 2017. Since then, they haven’t lost a single match while playing on the opponent’s field. They are six championship winners. So, playing against such is a very hard test for Salzburg.

But RB Salzburg almost breaks the record of Bayern. In 21 minutes, Chukwubuike Adamu the Nigerian made the first goal for the team Salzburg. He was exchanged after 12 minutes of the game because of an injury event, and after 9 minutes of landing on the field, he took his team ahead.

Bayern Munich had to wait for 89 minutes to repay the goal. In the last minutes of the match, they got lucky. And before that, especially after the first half of the game, Munich was very much under pressure. They could lose the game and lose their long-time earned record.

Munich would face huge criticism and it would be a shameful event if they lost against the middle-class club. They were fortunate that Kingsley Coman was able to put the ball into the Salzburg goal post from Thomas Muller’s pass.

The draw made Salzburg players heavily depressed. Their striker Karim Adeyemi said that doing a draw at the last moment feels like a loss and they will continue their attack with all their youth and willpower to defeat Bayern.

Even though Bayern gave a very bad performance last but they are satisfied with the draw. Bayern Munich star Muller said that it was a fair game with Salzburg and added that they need to bring back the mentality of winning every match. Unfortunately, Bayern’s biggest celebrity, neither Muller nor Robert Lewandowski, was at their best form last night.

Liverpool ensures their 50% entry into the UEFA Champions League’s Quarterfinal with Salah and Firmino’s Goal:

Whereas Bayern was desperate to save their back at the same time Liverpool was ensuring their victory in their first knockout game. Liverpool came to Inter Minal’s after almost an era. Both teams were playing softly in the first half. The real game started after 50 minutes of the match. In the first half, both teams had the balls for almost the same time. Though Liverpool took shots more than Minal does, unfortunately, none of the shots were able to hit the target.

For the 74 minutes, there was no goal from any team. In the 75 minutes, Liverpool star Firmino took a headshot from Andy Robertson’s corner kick. This was the first goal from the English club. And after the 8 minutes of the first goal, Salah scored another goal for his team to ensure their victory. Inter Minal tried for the last sixteen minutes to bring back the match situation in their favor, but they were unsuccessful.

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