Belal Muhammad and Khamzat Chimaevs
170 pounds weight and No. 5 of the UFC’s Belal Muhammad thinks he may be the first fighter to inflict his first defeat on the No.3, Khamzat Chimaev.
Nothing is official yet. But Muhammad and Shimaev recently agreed to fight next October.
The UFC was hoping to set up a meeting between Khamzat and Nate Diaz. But there has a better possibility of a match between Muhammad and Khamzat.
In his last outing, Chimaev won by decision after a real war against the number 2 of the division, Gilbert Burns.
Muhammad preyed on this fight to study Khamzat’s game. In particular, the mistakes he made against the Brazilian.
“I saw weaknesses in him,”
Muhammad said during his recent appearance on Food Truck Diaries.
“People say, ‘Oh man, he’s not as good as we thought. But I say Yo; he showed that he had his chin and power, and he was fighting Gilbert Burns.
Belal Muhammad at the age of 33 remains on an excellent 7-0-1 record over his last eight appearances in the Octagon.
He delivered dominant performances against Stephen Thompson, Vicente Luque, and Demian Maia.
Chimaev has confidence in him that he can defeat the Chechen origin fighter Muhammad.
“When you get into the top 5, if you don’t fight with a strategy, you’re going to lose to the good guys,” Muhammad explained.
“He’s not an easy guy to put down, and I didn’t wrestle in college. I’m not a Division 1 wrestler but I fight with a strategy.
Then I beat a guy like Luque, who knocked me out and has the most finishes in welterweights. How do you beat a guy like that?
With movement and footwork, bring him to the ground when he least expects it.
Do you think Belal Muhammad can win in a possible fight against Khamzat Chimaev?
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