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Joe Joyce is one the greatest boxer, no doubt on that. He could be a danger to anyone at that moment. He is preparing himself with all the great strength to be the next king of boxing. It’s true that we don’t much hear from the legend but people talk for him.

Joyce’s recent performance and activities surely caught the eyes of everyone. The former professional boxer Tony Bellew recently commented on the Commonwealth, WBC Silver, and WBO International heavyweight titleholder Joe Joyce. He thinks that Joyce could bring dark night into anyone’s career now.

Bellew explained why Joyce is dangerous for Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. Joyce is indeed a great opponent for Joshua. But to be honest, Joshua doesn’t have much chance against Joyce. As Joshua was unable to stand against Usyk so to defeat Joyce will be far harder for him. And also the talk was in the air that Joshua can’t have a chance against Usyk this time either.

On the other hand, Fury is set to face Whyte in April. The match is one of the biggest matches in the UK. It already made a record time selling of tickets. As we all know the character of Fury and how rough he can be, we could say that Fury can give a hard to Joyce. But is he can defeat Joyce or not is a big question. Cause Joyce’s mouth doesn’t talk much but his fist knows every language. If Joyce put himself against Fury with all his strength and power then he can easily defeat Fury.

Bellew said about Joyce, “He is a trouble for anyone in the world. Purely based on the fact that he’s gonna be there at the time of the final bell and he’s gonna make you work.”

“But do you know something? It doesn’t even need to get to the final bell.”

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“And don’t get me wrong, Anthony Joshua is probably the best-conditioned heavyweight of the last twenty years, but this Joe Joyce is a different kind of animal.”

“He[Joyce] doesn’t even need to do much work, he’s just walking you down.”

“It must be so much of a lift and confidence booster for a fighter going into the ring thinking, ‘These guys just can’t hurt me.”

“It’s not like the featherweights hit, these are 17 stone, 18 stone, 19 stone men hitting him with everything they’ve got.”

“He’s the modern-day Terminator, the human Terminator, nobody can stop him.”

Who is Joe Joyce’s next fight?

It’s hard to say who could be Joyce’s next fight right now. But Joshua may set a fight with Joyce soon. Joshua was set to fight against Usyk but Usyk is currently in Ukraine. After Russia invades Ukraine, the government of Ukraine calls for all their citizens to pick up the guns against the Russian army. Usyk joins with Ukraine army with other fellow boxers.

So, now Joshua is looking for a new opponent and that might be Joyce.

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