Benoit Paire

Benoit Paire, the endless crisis: In the aftermath of his second loss in the first round, the Frenchman, in full perdition on the court, became angry with the Portuguese public of Estoril and published a list of insults he had received in recent months on social media.

After another defeat, Monday in the first round of the ATP 250 of Estoril, the Frenchman began to lower (a little) his shorts as if he wanted to show his posterior at the time of his release, all under the whistles of the Portuguese public.

The reason for his new bloodshed? A spectator who made fun of him while the Frenchman multiplied the faults in the first balls. Very angry with this spectator – it is truly disrespectful – Paire collected a penalty point.

However, during the match, he had mastered his nerves by not breaking a racket and remaining relatively calm. But the lull was short-lived.

The Avignonnais posted a not very classy emoji, a middle finger, to be precise, very present on social networks.

An insulting tweet was quickly deleted, which gave way to screenshots of insults received in recent months in French and English, and Spanish.

Insults from frustrated bettors. But the boiling tricolor is unfortunately not the only player on the circuit to suffer permanent insults from frustrated bettors.

“Is this normal for you?” he wrote. Of course not. Still, Paire’s behavior raises questions once again.

On the other side, it’s worse and worse. The 60th player in the world, dominated by the South Korean Kwon (6-4, 7-5), suffered his… tenth consecutive defeat on the main circuit.

In 2022, his record is distressing, with eleven defeats in the first round in twelve events contested on the main circuit. His arm almost always tenses on the important points against Kwon, who is not a terror on clay; the Avignonnais converted only one break ball out of thirteen.

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Since an encouraging third round at the Australian Open and a great victory against Grigor Dimitrov in the 2nd round, the former 17th player in the world won only one match in a Challenger tournament (second division) on March 17 against the 365th in the world…

Paire has very badly experienced a period of restrictions related to the Covid pandemic and won very few matches last year. “I look for solutions every day to change this spiral,” he also assured on social networks.

He will have to find them very quickly because, at this rate, he will soon no longer be able to enter directly into the large tables of the main circuit.

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