Breeders Cup Live TV Guide
Photo: NBC Sports

The Breeders Cup 2021 is underway with all its racer on the line. It’s the most thrilling and popular horse racing tournament of the year. Now, we will discuss all the possible ways to watch the Breeders Cup live here. We will also see how can you watch all races from anywhere you want. Plus, we included the free streaming guideline.


All the racing fan was waiting with great passion to watch the race. And finally, from November 5, the race is starting its journey.

It’s the 38th edition of the Breeders Cup. The 2021 championship contains 14 races. The qualifying matches started in the last month. 196 horses tried at the first match and only the best 14 remained.

This year Breeders cups is gonna take place at the Del Mark RaceTrack. It’s their second time hosting the Breeders Cup. Unlike the last year, this time audiences are allowed in the stadium.

The Breeders Cup 2021 tournament prize money is 31 Million dollars. All the races’ worth is more than 1 Million dollars. The winner of the Breeders Cup World Championship will get a figure of 6 Million dollars.

These were the preview of the most exciting horse racing of the year. Now, let’s see what are the ways of the live stream and TV Channels to watch the Breeders Cup live.

Breeders Cup 2021: Live Streaming and TV Channels

There are several ways of streaming options available for watching Breeders Cup 2021. Let’s see what are these.

TV Channels list to watch:

  1. NBC
  2. NBCSN
  3. TVG
  4. Sky Sports

Live Streaming platform to watch:

  1. Peacock
  2. Sky Sports Go
  3. ITV

How to Watch Breeders’ Cup Live on TV Channels


NBC is the main broadcaster of Breeders Cup 2021. It’s a USA-based TV channel and this will be the best channel to watch Breeders Cup 2021 live. All horse races will be telecasts with NBC.


NBCSN is a sports channel of NBC. They will also broadcast the Breeders Cup live too. It’s a part of the main NBC channel.


TVG is an American broadcasting channel. Its main work is based on horse racing. They broadcast all the horse races. With TVG you can watch the Breeders Cup live online. This will have some advantages too. If you are a die-hard fan and regular follower of horse races then the broadcasting of TVG will satisfy you most.

Sky Sports

For UK watchers, Sky Sports will telecast the thrilling Breeders’ Cup race of the Del Mark track. It’s not the only option for Brits but surely a popular one.

How to Watch Breeders Cup Live Stream 2021:


In the USA you could use several ways to live stream Breeders Cup. The first and best option is Peacock. Peacock is the most popular live streaming server in the USA. They maintain all types of sports broadcasting. To live to steam the race with Peacock you will have to buy the subscription first. It will cost you 5 dollars a month.

Sky Sports Go

The online operating version of Sky Sports is Sky Sports Go. Both in the channel and online platform, Sky Sports will broadcast the Breeders Cup live.


Another popular media available for British people is ITV. It’s free to air channel so you could watch the Breeders Cup 2021 live online free on this channel, all you have to do is pay the cable bill monthly. ITV has an online live streaming platform called, ITV Hub. ITV Hub subscription cost is 3.99 pounds per month.


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