Brian Ortega
During UFC 266, Brian Ortega faced Alexander Volkanovski in a featherweight title fight. At the end of the 5 rounds, the Australian champion retained his belt by winning the fight unanimously.
Besides, Ortega believes he was Alexander Volkanovski’s most dangerous opponent.
It is undeniable that Ortega subjected the defending champion to two very tight strangulations. He miraculously escaped during their clash.
Brian Ortega said that he was the opponent who caused the most problems for Alexander Volkanovski. Also, he would prove it again if a rematch between the two men was to be organized:
I’d love it personally because of what the world sees. He won the belt and then defended him repeatedly, and the person who gave him the most trouble was me.
(I) put him in the greatest danger he has ever been in his career… He finished Zombie, beat Max three times, and I put him in great danger, and people noticed that people saw it.
I’m just a deadly opponent for him,” Ortega said Inside Fighting. I’m always going to train to win, to fight this guy and beat him. I believe I have the tools and abilities to do that if I play my cards right.
So it’s about seeing how I can play my cards correctly to go there and finish this man.
“T-City” is set to face Yair Rodriguez next Saturday in the main event of UFC Fight Night. If he were to win, Brian Ortega said he would not say no to a fight with Volkanovsky if the opportunity ever come.
Before losing to the current featherweight champion, Brian Ortega won his fight against the Korean Zombie. We’ll see next Saturday if the Los Angeles native returns to victory.
Do you want to see revenge between Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega?
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