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Brooklyn Nets, the winner of Indiana, secured its 7th place in the East, synonymous with the advantage of the floor in the qualifying playoffs for the NBA playoffs, Sunday at the end of the last day of the regular season, which saw Boston finish seeded No. 2 ahead of Milwaukee.

The Nets will host Cleveland (8th) on Tuesday at the Barclays Center. If they win, they will play the 1st round of the playoffs, as the No. 7 seed, against the Celtics, who won in Memphis (139-110).

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Kevin Durant's Best Option is Brooklyn

If they lose to the Cavs, all is not lost. They will have a second chance, still at home, against the winner of the other playoff between Atlanta (9th) and Charlotte (10th), and then it will be Miami, the best team in the conference, that they will have to face.

In the meantime, they did the job against the Pacers (134-126), Kyrie Irving proving to be extremely effective (35 pts, 15/20 shooting, 7 rbds) and Kevin Durant being in the oven and mill with a triple-double at the key (20 pts, 16 assists, 10 rbds).

Ups and downs have marked the last few weeks. It’s been a long year, and it’s the perfect time to play our best basketball,” KD called.

Nothing is ever written in advance, but the prospect of a clash against Boston, against the backdrop of an All-Star duet duel between Durant/Irving on one side and Jayson Tatum/Jaylen Brown on the other, is enticing.

The latter two (Tatum scored 31 points, 11/14 shooting) were preponderant in their team’s victory at the Grizzlies certainly not concerned, because sure to finish 2nd in the West, and deprived of their phenomenon Ja Morant, preserved.

If the C’s are seeded No. 2, they also owe it to the Bucks largely beaten (133-115) in Cleveland, spared the absence of Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton. Coming off the bench, veteran Kevin Love found his shot of yesteryear (32 pts, 10 rbds) with an 8/11 behind the arc.

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As a result, Milwaukee, the defending champion and therefore no. 3 seed will battle with Chicago (No. 6) to start the playoffs.

Philadelphia, falling to Detroit (118-106) without Joel Embiid, rested, will be seeded No. 4 and will have the advantage of the floor in the 1st round against Toronto (No. 5), beaten in New York (105-94).

In the West, this final day had fewer stakes. Golden State finished 3rd, winning in New Orleans (128-107) with a Gala Klay Thompson (41 pts, at 16/29).

The Warriors, who will recover for the occasion of the other “splash brother” Stephen Curry if he is fully recovered from his sprained foot, will face Denver and its reigning MVP Nikola Jokic in the 1st round, the Nuggets finishing the season in the 6th place. A shock that promises.

Dallas, which beat San Antonio (130-120), guided by Luka Doncic (26 pts, 9 assists, 8 rbds), will be seeded N.4, opposed to the N.5, in this case, Utah, an easy winner in Portland (111-80) relying in particular on Rudy Gobert (18 pts, 13 rbds, 2 blocks).

Memphis seeded No. 2, will know its opponent in the playoffs on Tuesday, who will be the winner of the playoff game between the Minnesota Timberwolves of Karl-Anthony Towns and the Los Angeles Clippers of Paul George.

The loser of this meeting will have a wild card since he will play his qualification again three days later, against New Orleans or San Antonio, as opposed to Wednesday.

With insight into the status of the no. 8 seed and especially the arduous task of then challenging Phoenix, the best team of the regular season.

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