Cameron Smith US Open 2022

Cameron Smith had played the first two rounds well but in the end, he fell off the tournament. He misses the cut in the County Club Golf Course. After missed the cut, Smith smashed his club out of anger.

Cameron Smith was the biggest hope for the team Australia. Every fan’s eyes were on the Smith from the beginning of the tournament. Since the start of the new season, Smith has been the hot topic of golf. He gave amazing performances in all the tournaments. Smith managed to finish all his previous tournaments of this season at the top-ranked.

Smith’s performance at the beginning of Friday was good. He was dominating the course with amazing skills. He carded four over par round on the first day. But at the last moment, Smith failed to meet the cut and misses the cut by two shots.

Smith had a rough when his ball fell off on the rough thick gourd. He was furious when he didn’t manage to make the shot from green. He continuously smashed his wedge against the ground and the shaft finally snapped on the third blow.

Smith took a crafty shot after that using his gap wedge. He scrapes in with a bogey five after the shot. But that wasn’t to stay on the US Open golf tournament. A birdie on the following hole didn’t create a place in the third round for Smith.

The US Open is not a favourable place for Smith. He always had struggled a lot to give a memorable performance at the US Open. Last time Smith’s was also bad. He missed the cut for US Open 2021 too while finishing five over par round.

Though Smith is a very cool and calm golfer and doesn’t usually get angry, it’s not the first time he has taken his anger out on his iron. Smith has a record of breaking clubs in the past. Last time when he finished the tour with a poor triple bogey, Smith break his clubs in half at the Torrey Pines Course, California.

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Before the tournament, Smith was highly confident about his performance in the US Open. After, winning the Players Championship, Smith said about the Country Club course of Massachusetts, “I love it. It’s probably my favourite US Open venue I’ve been to. I would like to think that my game has progressed where I can compete on most golf courses. I just need to hit some more fairways.”

Who else missed the cut in US Open 2022 and Australia’s other hope

Besides Smith, some other big names in golf will also have to spend their weekend at home. Alongside Smith, Phil Mickelson will also have to leave the hunt.

After missing the cut, Mickelson says, “It was spectacular to come back to such a historic course, and I thought the setup was remarkable.”

“Just really showcased what a special place this is. I enjoyed the week. Wish I had played better.”

Australia lose their biggest championship but there is a huge chance they could continue their hunt with Adam Scott.

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