Canelo Alvarez rejected a $100 million dollars offer to fight Jermall Charlo and David Benavidez

Canelo Alvarez rejected $100 million offer
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Canelo Alvarez the undisputed super-middleweight champion has so many enemies on the list to fight. Since the last year, he is fighting with many powerful champions to become the only king in boxing. The last November, Alvarez fought Caleb Plant and defeated the IBF super-middleweight titleholder. Before that Alvarez seize titles from other fighters too. And after finishing off Plant, he set his mind to fight all the greatest warriors in the different weight divisions.

To fight the best players from different divisions each time is a very tough challenge. One must have to be very skill full in both attack and defense. Fighters also have to be very fast to continue fighting in this order. Well, Alvarez had that kind of strength in him so he can achieve his goal even if the path is very hard to cross. Alvarez has 57 winning records besides his name and only one loss which was against Floyd Mayweather.

At the beginning of this year, no one was sure who is going to face Alvarez next. Recently, Premier Boxing Champion the promoting company is trying to have a deal with Alvarez. They want to set up Alvarez against Jermall Charlo and David Benavidez. The contract says Alvarez would face Charlo on May 7 and Benavidez on September 17.

They offered Alvarez $100 million dollars for the contract. This is a huge amount of money for sure. But Alvarez turns down the deal no matter how big the money is. He has planned something else for his next target and Alvarez is not likely to move from that.

It’s been reported and said by boxing journalists that Alvarez is now working with Matchroom& DAZN. Alvarez is looking to make deal with these two companies to fight Dmitry Bivol and GennadiyGolovkin.

Michael Benson the online boxing editor for talk sports confirms that Alvarez rejected PBC’s 100 million dollars offer. He said on social media, “PBC offered Canelo Alvarez a two-fight deal worth upward of $100 million guaranteed for bouts with Jermall Charlo and David Benavidez in May & September, respectively, but that package was rejected by Alvarez about 10 days ago and there has been no dialogue with PBC since. With talks completely broken off, Canelo has been focused on completing the deal with Matchroom for fights with Dmitry Bivol and GGG.”

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Why did Canelo Alvarez reject the offer of $100 million dollars?

The PBC offered Alvarez a $100 million dollars deal to Jermall Charlo and David Benavidez. But he rejects it and he will probably face Bivol and GGG. Here the funny thing is Matchroom& DAZN deal will offer him less money than PBC. He will probably get 80 million dollars for two fights.

But still, he rejects the better deal cause Alvarez isn’t sure about Benavidez. Alvarez will only fight the player he is certain about his win. But with Benavidez, he has a huge possibility to lose. At first, PBC offers a 45 million dollars contract to fight Charlo which Alvarez would take. But not the deal when they add Benavidez on the list too. If PBC removes Benavidez and adds someone else then Alvarez may will signed the deal.

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