Canelo Alvarez vs GGG
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On September 17, Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin are scheduled to fight each other for the third time. Tweets sent out on Tuesday by both combatants confirmed the story.

The third battle between these two will take place at 168 pounds. The two have fought twice previously. It will include a contentious split draw in a bout for the unified middleweight title in 2017.

Even though the first fight between Alvarez and Golovkin finished in a disputed tie five years ago, the two will eventually meet for a third time, four years after the Mexican superstar defeated Golovkin by a majority decision.

“I am comfortable knowing I won those fights,” Golovkin said. “I do not look back at the decisions. … I thought I won the first two, so winning the third one would be the same.”

The site for the third and final fight has yet to be announced; it is safe to say that it will be the most sought-after ticket in sports when these two adversaries meet once more in Las Vegas.

Since then, Golovkin’s only setback has been against Ryuta Murata of Japan, who he beat in April. In his debut fight at 168 pounds, the 2004 Olympic silver medallist, 40 years old, will attempt to bounce back from his defeat in the second round.

“We already had that contract [with Gennadiy Golovkin], that agreement, so we have to continue what we started, and I think those are the two biggest fights in boxing, the fight with Golovkin and the rematch with Bivol,” Álvarez said Monday

“The important thing here is perseverance, and we will do it again. What is certain is that we are going to return in September.”

Most ringside observers believed Golovkin did enough to defeat Alvarez, who had only lost to Floyd Mayweather. One judge liked Golovkin, and another gave it a draw. At the same time, judge Adalaide Byrd supported Alvarez, who Golovkin outlined.

Alvarez tested positive for clenbuterol, delaying the rematch until September. Many ringside observers again felt Golovkin won, but two judges preferred Alvarez 115-113, and one rated it a tie.

Both boxers initially showed a desire for the third bout for 2019. But Golovkin battled with management issues while Alvarez moved on to less formidable obstacles. Alvarez won four super middleweight championships in 2021.

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