Carlos Alcaraz French Open
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Carlos Alcaraz is now the hottest young tennis player in the whole world. His performance and playing style blew everyone’s mind. The French Open 2022 is his place to prove that he is now the future of tennis. And the Spaniard is determined to prove it.

It’s been said by all that Alcaraz is the future of tennis. And Alcaraz already proved that the rumor is not false. He is beating everyone that comes between his success. He has defeated many world’s top-ranked players. Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal both failed to stop the rising star.

Alcaraz defeated Djokovic in the Madrid Open 2022 semifinal and won the tour by defeating Alexander Zverev in the final. And Nadal lost to Alcaraz in the same event Madrid Open 2022, in the quarter-final. The boy is making history in tennis.

Alcaraz is preparing himself for the upcoming clay-court tournament French Open. He will be a significant threat to everyone in the Ronald Garros, no doubt about it. He made a sage decision by making changes to his schedule. Alcaraz was set to play at the Rome Open, but recently he announced that he would no longer play at the Rome as his body needs to rest for the upcoming bout.

Alcaraz has already won four ATP tours titles by defeating all the top-ranked players. He has reached the world number 6 ranked this year which is his career’s highest reach, and the teenager is aiming to become the world number. He is currently 17-1 win streak.

Alcaraz’s most significant victory this year was winning the Madrid Open. People were commenting on many things after losing the Monte Carlos Open. But he stopped everyone’s mouth by amazingly returning to the Barcelona Open and Madrid Open.

Alcaraz’s position in tennis is genuinely excellent now. He would surely be the French Open winner if he could keep that flow.

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Carlos Alcaraz dream of being the world’s number 1 and comments on Nadal’s sickness:

Alcaraz idolized his fellow countryman senior tennis star, Rafael Nadal. Nadal has started this season with great success. Nadal was planning to play at the French Open 2022. But his foot injury may disturb him from playing with his best at the Ronald Garros.

This is undoubtedly the most significant opportunity for Alcaraz. He won’t have to beat one of the biggest opponents to earn the trophy. But Alcaraz expressed his sympathy for Nadal, not sure about playing at the French Open.

Alcaraz recently had an interview where Argentina’s La Nacion asked him about his goal. Alcaraz, “I am also a guy who is quite clear about things. I am clear about my goal and my dream, which is to be No 1 in the world, and no matter how many tournaments come, no matter how many things come right now, I still haven’t managed to be No 1. It helps me be with my feet on the soil to continue trying to fulfill my dreams.”

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