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Saturday night was a big challenge for English famous boxer Jack Catterall. He prepared himself very powerfully so that he could stand steel against all the odds and prevent all the attacks. His training, labor, worship didn’t go completely gone vain. He has dominated the ring for most of the time.

Catterall reached a position where he was just an inch away from getting the victory. But luck wasn’t in his support that night. Well, luck is not the only one to blame as per fans there must be something wrong with the judge’s board too. Cause chances of winning the game were high for Catterall. The decision-maker boards must make an unfair decision, there are both types of people who think it’s true and the half others think it’s not.

It doesn’t matter who believes it or not cause the result is out now. And there is nothing much anyone could do right now. But the loss against Taylor surely broke the heart of Catterall. With his points and performance, he was sure that the decision will be in his favor but the judge went for Taylor.

After hearing the decision, Catterall immediately leaves the ring. He was really upset about the whole thing. Catterall waited for the match for a long time. He was trying to get a match with the titleholder, for now, two years. And when he finally got it, he had to accept a controversial loss.

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After the results came out Catterall trainer was very upset about the whole thing too. He said, “Jack won it hands down. Josh won probably two or three rounds and then dropped a point with the knock-down. It wasn’t even close.”

“can’t put into words how disappointed I am. The kid has worked hard. It is plain to see that he won but he didn’t get the decision. What message does that send out?”

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Then Moore said, “He definitely nailed the game-plan and is now sat there with a broken heart. It makes me think about walking away from boxing. What is the point here?

The judge who scored the fight to Taylor by four rounds? He shouldn’t be allowed in boxing if he thinks Taylor won.”

What’s Josh Taylor thinks about his controversial win?

After talking about retirement and quitting boxing, Jamie Moore comforts and praises Taylor. He said that he told Jack that nothing is matter right now and he is proud of him. Moore believes that Jack did win the match just didn’t the trophy.

On the other hand, Taylor is in a very chilling mood after his victory against Jack. He says, “I thought I was the clear winner in the fight. I don’t see why the referee took a point off. That made the scorecards closer. In the second half of the fight, I took over, hitting him with the better shots. It wasn’t my best performance but the right man won.”

Not everyone supports the winning of Taylor. Promoter Ben Shalom and Sky Sports’ Johnny Nelson says that the judge made a very poor decision here.

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