Charley Hoffman respect PGA but he thinks that they need to change rules for good

Charley Hoffman
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Charley Hoffman is one of the most influential people in golf and a remarkable player. He currently staying in TPC Scottsdale – Stadium Course and competing in the 2022 Phoenix Open. He is still holding his name in the top self of the leaderboard.

Hoffman has a huge chance to win the game and he may take the trophy home. He is currently ranking 92 in the world golf rank. While playing in the Phoenix Open, Hoffman talks against the rules PGA Tour and he said the board can’t give proper protection to their players and a few other things that point to the fault of PGA rules.

In the second round, Hoffman made a mistake which caused him a penalty. But the director of the PGA board thinks his penalty is unethical. Hoffman said that those who are now ruling and maintaining rules all are amateurs, boys. As Hoffman says, they know nothing about the maintaining and controlling of games.

Hoffman also accused PGA Tour that they are unable to protect their players. The board has so many lacks in its rules and regulations. Hoffman also raise their finger to the penalty line which he said short and terrible line for a penalty.

After the end of the round, Hoffman said on social media, “I was under the realization that the USGA had changed that rule. I was wrong, ”

He also added, “Had to take another penalty for doing nothing fault at all. Did everything by the book. It’s still mind-blowing that a group of amateurs govern the professional game of golf. I also blame the PGA Tour rules officials for putting out a horrible penalty area line where this could even happen. No accountability at any level here. No protection for the players at all. You wonder why guys are wanting to jump ship and go play on another tour. Players need transparency, protection, and consistency. We don’t have that under the current governing bodies.”

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Charley Hoffman’s Fault and Reasons of His Penalty:

In the second round Hoffman, unfortunately, dropped the ball outside of the penalty area two times. After that they allowed Hoffman to place the ball in the tufted grass. But like in the meme said, “A few Moments later” the ball rolled away to fall into the water again.

Here the rules stated that if a ball moves by natural forces then no penalty occurs and the ball would be played from the new spot the ball comes to rest. As the Hoffman ball was dropped into the water so it was deemed lost and he was penalized a stroke.

After that, Hoffman posted his statement on social media. Some people support his opinion. Mickelson comment on Hoffman “I feel ya”. DeChambeau comment “Agree wholeheartedly”.

But not everyone likes the thoughts and speech, Hoffman. Former top tour player Blayne Barber says “Don’t hit it in the water”.

In his post-Hoffman also said that for these kinda things PGA is losing their player, players are going for other league games.

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