Robert Lewandowski

We start off this morning with a rumor that isn’t much of a rumor at all. Rafinha’s move from Leeds to Barcelona is almost complete. With the transfer fee of £49 million perhaps increasing to £57 million.

This will come as a blow to both Arsenal and Chelsea, both of which had an interest in acquiring the player. Furthermore, if one is to believe Bayern Munich, this may also come as a blow to Leeds. They believe that the Catalan club is in such dire financial straits that it may cease to exist within the next year or two.

Regarding this topic, it would appear that Chelsea is making an effort to compete with Barcelona. Even though the player had always had his sights set only on Camp Nou, he has been so enraged by the egotism.

After helping the German giants win their 10th championship in a row, Lewandowski has made up his mind to leave the team in order to pursue a new opportunity.

It would be an outstanding response to Manchester City’s acquisition of Erling Haaland and Liverpool’s purchase of Darwin Nunez for Chelsea if they were to sign Robert Lewandowski. The new owner of Chelsea, Todd Boelhy, would make a statement with such a deal.

Since a long time ago, the Poland international has had his heart set on playing for Barcelona, but Bayern, who have tried in vain to hold on to their prize asset, are demanding an initial payment of £42 million.

Chelsea and PSG have both made efforts to entice Robert Lewandowski to join them in the Premier Division and the French league, respectively. This comes as a result of the financial circumstances that the Spanish giants find themselves in.

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