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The problem with Chelsea’s buying and selling has been going on for a long time. And it’s not easy to find an owner for such a big club like this. Moreover, the issue of the government not permitting the handover of club ownership was a big problem. However, the government now finally approved the transactions of transferring club rights. The government ensures it, and now, within 24 hours, the takeover permission notice will come.

Chelsea is one of the biggest football clubs in the whole world. The club has a vast history of dominating all club tournaments. Many legendary players started their careers here, and the club gave birth to many outstanding footballers. Roman Abramovich, the Russian political, was in charge of the Chelsea for the last 19 years. Now, he is out of options to hold the club rights.

Abramovich bought the club Chelsea in the year 2003. It charged him around 140 million euros to buy the club at that time. For the last 19 years, he has been the owner and controller of the most prominent English club. The club has earned a lot of fame and a reputation while working under the observation of Abramovich.

The club earned 21 trophies, including Premier League titles and two Champions Leagues, while working under the ownership of Abramovich. This was undoubtedly a big achievement for the Russian billionaire. He will see more victory and cheer for Chelsea but not as the boss anymore.

On February 24, Abramovich announced that he decided to sell the Chelsea as soon as possible. Many billionaires came to put bids on the club. The final offer for 4.27 billion euros to buy Chelsea is signed by Boehly, co-owner of the LA Dodgers baseball team, and fellow consortium member Hansjörg Wyss.

But the takeover was postponed as the UK government froze all the deals in Chelsea. Chelsea’s current operating license is coming to an end, too; the date will expire on May 31. So, everyone is trying to close the transfer deal within this month. Government blockages were the obstacles to the agreement; now, within 24 hours club gets permission to work again.

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But the deal of selling Chelsea won’t be benefited Abramovich; the UK government will make sure of it. The money from selling Chelsea will go into a bank account that the government handles. They will freeze the funds.

Abramovich will surely try to jeopardize the plan of the UK government. Abramovich holds a Portuguese passport. So, before putting him out of the scenario, the UK government has a lot to deal with Portugal and Abramovich.

How the club Chelsea will benefit from the takeover permission?

The boss of Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel, is pleased as the government shows the green light to permit Chelsea. After Russia invaded Ukraine, Abramovich decided to sell the club. But UK Government shut down all the deals in Chelsea. Now they are again allowing transactions for Chelsea. Tuchel and fans are very much about it cause now they can buy and sell players in the new season.


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