Jorge Masvidal defeated by Covington
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The fight was like brother vs brother. UFC 272 was taken place between two former best buddies Yesterday (5th March) at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas. In this match, Jorge Masvidal was defeated by Colby Covington. A really fierce fight was come to see through this match.

Colby Covington showed a dominant performance yesterday to defeat his rival Jorge Masvidal. These two fighter are consecutively teammates, best friends (former) as well as training partners. So, undoubtedly it was really an exciting one.

It was really a vintage dominant wrestling-heavy performance by Colby Chaos Covington. His amazingly relentless pressure, pace, output, volume, and most especially wrestling/grappling is just too much for pretty much.

Colby’s 3 steps ahead of Masvidal, the ground control was beautiful to watch like a grizzly bear that just pounced on a Salmon.

Masvidal should have been throwing and kicking more. His kicks were lethal which was taking Colby apart. Masvidal had his chance when he wobble Colby but he was too tired from being wrestled the whole time.

One of the post-fight journalists said Colby got knocked down in the 2nd and 4th round. Obviously, no knockdowns happened. Colby got stunned in the 4th but that wasn’t a knockdown. However when in the 2nd round that didn’t even get closer.

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In the very 1st round, Colby could submit Masvidal with a choke but he totally ignored that and let that go. Though Masvidal is a warrior Colby fought with emotions in this fight. I think the intense spirit of winning is real but the friendship is real as well.

Masvidal looks worried in the beginning. It’s like your friend that you know when you all wrestle he always wins and now you have to fight with him for real. He has seemed to lack confidence. On the other hand, Colby was non–stop. Full of athletic spirit. Thus, with a unanimous decision, Masvidal won by a 49-46, 50-44, 50-45 score.

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Jorge Masvidal’s reaction over the match:

Jorge Masvidal has been so much aggressive after losing. He need to show this aggression in the match but unfortunately, he couldn’t manage to do that. Masvidal said: “To lose to a b***h like that, obviously no one wants to lose to a coward like that. It just sucks, man.

“It just sucks because this idiot talked about my kids. I still think he’s a f*****g p***y, you know? He’s still a guy who, if I saw him out in the streets, I’d go up to him and break his f*****g jaw. He doesn’t have power in his hands, that’s why he goes right to sniffing the crotch.”

Also, he react to an accidental eye poke that was happened at the end of the very 1st round. He further added,

“The eye poke was pretty bad, man, my eye’s still hurting right now,” Masvidal said. “I’m not gonna take nothing away from him winning the fight because that was just one sequence, but he poked the s*** out of my eye.

“Herb Dean’s not my cup of tea when it comes to refereeing. Everyone here has seen him have numerous hiccoughs. Colby’s always been kind of a dirty fighter.”


Colby took all the credit for being a champion. His resilience was intense. He fought amazingly with a broken jaw, takes the hardest of hits, and still didn’t give up. On the other hand, Masvidal should have been more confident and smart in that match. Best wishes to both of them.

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