Conor Benn Will Fight Eubank Jr
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Saturday was the end of ten years of rivalry between Eubank Jr and Liam Williams. Eubank gave his best performance that night. The whole audience was silent when they saw the rage of Eubank. The match took place in Cardiff, the hometown of Williams. All the audience was in support of Williams. The crowd was shouting “The Machine” names. But it didn’t distract Eubank from his duty.

Just after the loss of Williams, Conor Benn calls out Eubank to check his luck. First, we will review the Eubank fight against Williams and then will swiss to possible fight of Eubank vs Conor Benn. Let’s start.

Eubank stayed silent and focused most of the time. He was looking for opportunities all the time to hit Williams at an extreme level. And Eubank used all the chance very perfectly. He was damn fast that night and prevent all the attacks of Williams. Williams did send some great punch but it wasn’t enough to break the shield of Eubank.

Since the beginning of the match, Eubank was in control. He sent Williams to the ground in the first round. Williams again failed to protect him in the second round. In the third round, Eubank go a bit slow but again in the fourth round he put Williams’s face on the ground. After the fourth round, Williams became tougher, and only at the end of 11 round did he kneel before Eubank.

Williams wasn’t the only enemy of Eubank, he had a rivalry with Benn too. When Benn watches the loss of Williams in the hand of Eubank, he immediately posts on social media that he wanna fight Eubank to check his luck. Benn says, “I fancy my chances at a catchweight.”

Where the calls out was made they also said, “You know somewhere, some special night in the not too distant future Eubank v Benn the next generation will happen. And we will be more than happy to make that happen.”

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If Eubank says yes in response to Benn’s challenge then it will historical fight. These two are some of the most popular fighters from the UK. But, they got a fighting history too. Eubank and Benn’s father once share the boxing ring. Eubank Snr won the first game and three years later in the rematch, they did draw. So, the match between Eubank and Benn will bring back all the memory and nostalgia to the boxing fans.

Eubank response to Conor Benn challenge:

Eubank has to face two more fights this year (2022). Conor Benn is an extremely good option for him and people on social media are super excited regarding their fight.

90’s superhero Eubank Snr (father of Eubank Jr) and Nigel Benn (father of Conor Benn) had faced each other and warred before.

This fight uplifts everyone for being excited regarding these two young stars’ games. People are hoping to take this dissension to the next level by the generation.

Eubank was about to fight with Gennady Golovkin and Ryota Murata for the WBA belt but is canceled because of the Covid rules that happen in Japan.

Connor Benn is indirectly challenging and pocking Eubank for a fight, It will be a great chance to earn a WBA belt for Eubank. People will be very much happy or more than that if it happens. Though they have a few weight differences everyone is so much excited for Eubank vs Benn’s next-generation fight.

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