Conor McGregor

Several months after his serious injury, former two-time champion Conor McGregor promises to play his next fight under the banner of the UFC.

While attending the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo this weekend, Conor McGregor gave reassuring news about his health.

Indeed, the Irishman seems to be recovering correctly from the leg fracture suffered during the trilogy against Dustin Poirier last July.

“My body is doing well,” McGregor told Sky Sports. “After that, we will increase the training little by little. I should be able to give blows now.

“I have to have another scan in the next few days. Then I will be allowed to kick.

Once I can hit and fight, I’ll be back in no time. Boxing training is going well, and bodybuilding. That’s all. I can’t wait to come back.

For the moment, The Notorious does not know the name of his future opponent.

Nevertheless, despite the multiple opportunities available to him as a global superstar in combat sports, McGregor promises to make his return to the Octagon in MMA.

“Boxing is my first love in combat sports,” he explained. “It’s boxing. I had such a great time the last time I was there [editor’s note: Floyd Mayweather].

My return will be inside the Octagon for the UFC in MMA. This story is far from over. This story has just been written. It has only just begun.

This is where I will be back. But when it comes to boxing, I’ll honor the ring again in the future.

Since his boxing fight against Floyd Mayweather, McGregor, 33, remains on a 1-3 record in MMA. The Irishman lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov and then to Dustin Poirier twice.

In January 2020, he clinched his only victory by defeating Donald Cerrone by TKO in the 1st round.

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