McGregor goes personal with Poirier prior to UFC 264
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Former UFC double champ Conor McGregor has made things a little too personal with his UFC 264 opponent Dustin Poirier by posting a screenshot of a DM request of his Jolie Poirier.

The Notorious did not reveal the message that Poirier’s wife had sent him nor did he tell when. It was more like a cryptic message to get under the skin of the Diamond before they share the octagon for the third time on July 10.

The McGregor that we are seeing in the buildup to this fight is the old Notorious, who used to indulge in ruthless trash talking.

While most of it is only to hype the fight between both juggernauts of the lightweight division, few suggest that he might have taken things too far with this tweet.

What does Dana White think of Conor McGregor?

UFC President Dana White is eager to see how the UFC 264 main-event will roll out. He has confirmed that the winner of the Poirier vs McGregor trilogy will get a title shot against Charles Oliviera in either late 2021 or early 2022.

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He said: “Listen, Conor McGregor is a competitor. All you’ve got to do is look. The guy has a ton of money. He doesn’t need to fight anymore. He wants to fight. He’s a fighter to the core. What’s at stake is, yes, he wants to be back on top.”

White also acknowledged how every fight that involved the Irishman is guaranteed to draw loads of money.

“He goes in there and beats the No. 1 guy in the world, he’s probably going to get the next title shot. The other thing Conor McGregor likes probably more than the competition is money. When he fights, he makes a sh*tload of money. These are all still very important things to him at this point in his life,”  the UFC boss asserted.

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While discussing what the UFC has in plan for the Irishman, White said that he is not looking to devise the next line of action until the trilogy fight unfolds on Saturday.

He praised McGregor for not trying to duck any fighter throughout his UFC career.

He’s a fighter, man. I used to say about him all the time, a lot of people like to criticize and this and that. I’ve been in the living room. I’ve been on the phone when we’re standing in front of the kid saying, ‘Your opponent fell out and blah, blah, blah.’ I know who Conor McGregor is on the fight side,” White added.

Claressa Shields has a bit of advice for McGregor

Women’s boxing legend Claressa Shields believes that the Notorious must keep his focus inside the octagon alone.

“He has to switch his mind back to MMA. He has to get his mind off boxing. He has to because he’s not going to be able to beat Dustin Poirier that way,” the Olympic gold medalist said.

“You can’t be in a boxing stance in MMA, you have to make sure you’re ready to check that kick, catch that kick, or get it out of the way.”


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