Conor McGregor

According to Daniel Cormier, Conor McGregor’s return to the UFC will face Nate Diaz or Michael Chandler. The Irishman is expected to return to the octagon at the end of 2022.

Conor McGregor’s return to the UFC is eagerly awaited. “The Notorious” has not fought since his confrontation with Dustin Poirier, in which he had seriously injured his shin.

Since McGregor makes McGregor adept at trash-talking on social networks, he never misses an opportunity to provoke his peers.

McGregor had mocked Justin Gaethje for his pre-fight statements before his loss to Charles Oliveira.

But the Irishman sometimes regrets his words, and lately, after mocking Tony Ferguson for the knockout he suffered against Chandler, he apologized, something very rare to be highlighted.

The next fight of the “Notorious” could also take place against Michael Chandler in Ireland, and Daniel Cormier, the Hall of Famer of the UFC, gave details on his next opponent (via ESPN):

“Well, I have two names. I know who he should fight against, and I know who he will probably fight against. The one he should fight is Nate Diaz.

They should finish this trilogy. It’s a huge fight. It’s a fun fight. We saw it twice, and both gave it they’re all.

They’re tied, so I think he should fight Nate Diaz. But I think he will fight Michael Chandler because Michael Chandler took the UFC by storm.

“This guy has only done four fights in the UFC so far. He has now achieved the biggest frontal kick knockout of all time.

He knocked out Dan Hooker, fought for the title, and fought in the fight of the year against Justin Gaethje.

So his resume is solid, his profile is solid, and every time he wins a fight, he jumps to the microphone and makes a statement. And in his last fight, he said he was ready to take on Conor McGregor.

“I think this fight is going to work. I think Chandler will take him into a fight where McGregor wants to fight, and Chandler is ready to keep up that pace.

I should fight against Nate Diaz, but I think he will eventually face Michael Chandler for the reasons I just mentioned.

Chandler or Nate Diaz, Cormier would prefer to see a Conor vs. Diaz trilogy, but reason leads him to believe that the Chandler tornado will have the last word.

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Whatever happens, Conor McGregor’s return will be a great moment in the UFC regardless of his opponent.

It will be necessary that the Irishman is at his best not to make “the fight too much.”

And you, who do you want to see in the octagon against Conor McGregor?

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