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In season 2021, Cooper Kupp has passed the most successful season in his career. His performance and achievements on the field made him one of the elite players in the NFL. And not only this but also Kupp gets to full filled his dream with the three years extension deal with the Rams worth 80 million dollars.

Kupp is one of the most important players for the Rams. The young start made the Rams one of the most prominent clubs in the NFL. He finished the led the league in receptions (145), receiving yards (1,947) and touchdowns (16).

The incredible performance of Kupp made him the Offensive Player of the Year. Before being named the Offensive Player of the Year Kupp was named Triple Crown. He also got the award of the Super Bowl MVP.

After finishing the year with such achievement Kupp was offered an extension of his deal with the Rams. Kupp has two years of deals before the new contract. He was signed for the year 2023 now he will play for the Rams till 2026. The new deal of Kupp with the Rams is worth 80 million dollars.

After signing the deal Kupp says, “The Los Angeles Rams made a childhood vision a reality when they showed their belief in me on draft day and today they showed continued faith. For that I want to thank the Kroenke family, the front office and coach [Sean] McVay.”

He showed respect to fans saying, “To every single Rams fan: I’m grateful for our first five years together and even more excited by our future. LG.”

28 years old Kupp was set to get $14.8 million in 2022 and $14.6 million in 2023. And after the new deal, he will get around $26.7 million per year from 2024 to 2026. This new contract for Kupp made him one of the highest-paid NFL athletes in the world. His performance against the Cincinnati Bengals helped him a lot got all this. Kupp is now the fourth-ranked highest-paid player in the Rams.

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Kupp said about the season, “The focus [this offseason] was honestly the same exact thing I do every single year, which is reflecting on what the season was, work to make the changes happen so I can be a better football player than I was the year before, and then get the opportunity now to get out and bring those things to life.”

Other Player’s new deal:

The Rams didn’t only extend deal with Cooper Kupp. They give rewards to all players who helped the team and provide amazing performance.

The Rams most important quarterback Matthew Stafford got a lofty extension. Los Angeles Rams defence boss Aaron Donald becomes the highest-paid non-QB in league history.

The Los Angeles Rams are now preparing for the next season. They will try to hold their position and defend the trophy at any cost.

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