Cristiano Ronaldo’s £1.7m Bugatti crashed
Credit: Daily Post
After his bodyguard smashed the Ferrari into a wall in Majorca, Cristiano Ronaldo’s £1.8 million Bugatti Veyron was loaded into a tow truck and transported away from the scene beneath a blue tarpaulin.
After a grueling first season back in English football, the great player for Manchester United is currently relaxing with his family on a vacation on an island in Spain. He is receiving the rest and relaxation he so richly deserves.

The Portuguese icon has still racked up 39 appearances for his club. He took the field for his country in the Nations League matches that took place this summer.

Ronaldo made the decision to travel his young family out to Majorca. It was beginning his first pre-season with the club.

On Monday, however, his holiday took an unexpected turn. His cherished Ferrari was involved in a collision while him and his family.

It is common knowledge that Ronaldo was not operating a motor vehicle at the time of the collision.  Instead, we suspect that one of Ronaldo’s two bodyguards was behind the wheel when the vehicle lost control and crashed into a stone wall.

According to the story, a member of Ronaldo’s security detail promptly stepped out of the car to complete the journey. Leaving other employees employed by the United icon to welcome local police. The claim adds that the member of Ronaldo’s security detail quickly got out of the car to continue the journey.

In response to the event, the Spanish police said that they did not have any information. So, Ronaldo wasn’t the person driving.

“The car smashed into a wall. But there was only material damage and the driver accepted full responsibility for what happened

Another person said: “The accident happened on a minor road near Joan March Hospital. The car appears to have come off the road. It has hit a wall which forms part of the protection to a house with a gas canister deposit behind it.

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“An employee of Cristiano’s was apparently driving at the time and not Cristiano. He was definitely not at the scene when officers arrived.”

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