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Daniil Medvedev has fallen into some deepwater problems. As Russia attacked Ukraine, the world started to boycott its relationship with Russia. That includes the sports world, too; most sports banned Russia from playing any international games.

Football banned Russian team FIFA and moved all their games that were scheduled to play in Russia. But tennis has shown some mercy to its players. They are still allowing Russian players to play and take participate in the tournament. But they added some rules for Russian players to compete in the tournament.

The rules apply to every Russian player. At first, it was very simple. And in most of the tournaments, the only rule is that Russian players can’t represent their country in tournaments. Players from Russia have to play under the neutral flag. It was easy, and Russ players agree with that.

Now, Wimbledon grand slam has some hard rules that are very difficult to follow for Russian players. The board wants to make sure that none of their players has any support for Russia, and they are hundred percent against Putin’s inhuman action.

Now, this is a very difficult rule to agree with. This may create a very serious problem for the Russian players. To play at Wimbledon, Medvedev will have to sign a paper that will surely have a bad impact about him on Putin’s mind. And everybody knows the risk of what may happen if a Russian dweller goes against the boss of Russia.

Medvedev has to make a choice now. He could choose his career over the risk or play safe. The Wimbledon tournament board recently published about rules. The world number hasn’t responded to anything yet.

Terms that Medvedev has to sign to play at Wimbledon:

Last week, Nigel Huddleston, sports minister of the UK, sat at a meeting with the sports governing body. They discussed the participation of Russian players at the Wimbledon tournament. And then came come with some rules.

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The first thing all the Russian players have to do is that they have to provide firm assurance that they are not earning any money from those banned states. The second thing is that players have to confirm that they will not speak out in support of Russia. And lastly, none of the players from Russia and Belarus can wear their national colors or compete under a flag.

Huddleston says, “We did make the request to governing bodies relating to individual sportspeople that if they (Russians or Belarusians) wish to participate in a UK sport, they are independent and neutral – and genuinely so.”

“We wish to get the word that they are not receiving money from Putin, Russia, or Belarus in a written declaration. And that they will not be making any supportive comments of Putin, Russia, or Belarus.”

He also added, “If people are saying they are neutral athletes, we want the guarantee that they are genuinely neutral, and therefore there isn’t any connection with Putin. If some individual sports or entities choose to do an outright ban of Russian or Belarusian athletes, then we will support their actions as well.”

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