Joshua vs. Usyk

Since the announcement of the Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk rematch date, there have been so many discussions and predictions surrounding the game. Former WBC heavyweight title holder Deontay Wilder also gives predictions about the upcoming fights. He chose Usyk over Joshua in the rematch fight.

This year one of the most anticipated fights is now on the line. Since the last meeting of Joshua vs. Usyk in 2021, September fans are eagerly waiting to see the rematch. The talking to set the fight date was going on for a time.

It would take place a month earlier than the actual date, but Usyk had been out of contact for the last few months. He went to his homeland to participate in the Russia vs. Ukraine war. It was a mandatory duty for every citizen of Ukraine to carry a gun to protect the motherland.

After getting out of this situation, Usyk started training for the rematch with Joshua. With the power, strength, and ability Usyk hold, it doesn’t seem like he would need much preparation to take down Brit star again in the Middle East. The rematch is scheduled for June 30, and the pair squared off on Tuesday.

After seeing that, Wilder made his prediction about the fight. He chose Usyk over Joshua. He believes, Usyk will seize the game from Joshua once again. Wilder told about his picks to Elie Seckbach while on a video call with trainer Malik Scott.

He says, “I’m going with Usyk here, man.”

“I’m going with Usyk, and I think many people are [due to the first fight]. You know, it’s boxing at the end of the day, so you know – we’ll see. But I think it’s Usyk.”

Even though Wilder and many other boxing stars don’t believe in Joshua much, Joshua is fully confident about his success. He replaced his long-term trainer Robert McCracken with Robert Garcia for the bout against Usyk. Joshua says, “I’m focused on the goal god willing, I’ll perform, and I’ll become three-time Heavyweight Champion of the World.”

On the call, Wilder was also asked about his return to the ring. After the defeat against Fury, Wilder didn’t come in front of the public much. Last month Wilder attended a program in his hometown, which was held in honor of him. Their Wilder unveiled his statue and said he would soon return to fight.

Tyson Fury’s prediction on Joshua vs. Usyk 2:

Wilder and the two-time heavyweight champions Tyson Fury also joined the Usyk vs. Joshua prediction subject. The match is very significant for him as Fury’s next most possible fight would be the Joshua vs. Usyk rematch winner.

Fury also picked Usyk in that fight. He says, “He’s not hard to hit, Usyk; he’s right in front of you. So Joshua can land a big punch, but I think that Usyk’s too cute for him. Too smart, too quick, and a southpaw.”


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