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Thor Bjornsson vs Eddie Hall is a boxing fight out in Dubai. Recently Eddie Hall knocked over a table that happened between him and his opponent Thor Bjornsson. Their pair were kept apart during their final face-off.

These two rivalry players are finally going to fight against each other this weekend. Both of the players Hall and Bjornsson share a biter bond as a rival of each other. Their clash got to seen since the World’s Strongest Man competition that took place in 2017. It’s been almost 5 years. Also, they keep exchanging.

Thor has been working on techniques and boxing fundamentals. Whereas Eddie looks like he has been working on swing fi=or the rafters and trying not to gas out. We believe and hope we will see the difference on fight night.

Both men are an inspiration in regard to what they have achieved in strongman alone not to mention their business ventures.

They keep sleazing and exchanging blazing words towards each other since the rivalry has begun. So, this is going to be really an exciting one of seeing messed up with each other.

Is Eddie’s plan of putting some weight going to be wrong?

Eddie Hall is very much overconfident about winning. He thinks he could easily be able to smash the skull through his weight. This overweight will be the key to victory according to him. He had planned from a time ago for increasing his weight. He thinks that will make him more strong and more powerful.

On the other hand, his opponent is going to face Eddie with around 60kg weight. He is concerned about the co-ordination of his body through extra weight. He wants to pay more attention to his potential and frequent movement in the ring.

In this topic, Thor shared his statement: “I don’t feel being big in boxing is going to help you. Why is Tyson Fury the best boxer in the world?

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“Because being heavy doesn’t help you, he could beat me and Eddie no problem. Size is great but boxing skills, ring IQ, footwork, and different combinations work in your favor much more than being heavy. I would rather lose a bit of weight to get my endurance and speed up.”

“Having extra weight in my opinion doesn’t help you. I and Eddie have a different view. On Saturday we will see what is better. Was it Eddie’s technique to come in heavier and stronger? Or will it be Thor’s emphasis on boxing technique, endurance, and boxing skills that will beat brute strength?”

Maybe it could be wrong but Thor’s size could be a disadvantage. Eddie is lighter than Thor. Thor is literally a mountain. The further away you are from the earth you have to fight gravity. It is not easy to move nearly 7 feet of 315 pounds. The leaner you are, the cleaner your tank is, and the more you need to rely on conditioning. Heavier people can rely on their overall tank to push them further, so if the leaner person is not conditioned enough, if it comes to that, they will be the loser.

We hope this match may clear the rivalry. However, we wish they can come out of this and resolve their issue and work collaboratively. We are super-duper excited for the fight. This fight has way more attention and eyes. Two of the World’s strongest men to ever live to go to have a boxing match. This is historical.

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