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The last September, Anthony Joshua put his titles against Oleksandr Usyk. Usyk has won the match and took the world belt from Joshua. That was hard breaking moment for Joshua. He had planned his next bout and target after defeating Usyk. But all gone into vain.

After the loss, Joshua immediately set a rematch with Usyk. Joshua started looking for a new trainer and began his preparation for the bout. He was very much optimistic about his next fight. Though, his chance against Usyk was still in doubt. But this time Joshua would give hard time Usyk, for sure.

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But unfortunately, the fight got canceled after the Russian attack on Ukraine. Like many other sectors in sports, boxing matches are also face hampered for the conflict. When Putin attacked Ukraine in February, Usyk was then staying in the UK.

As the war begins between Russia and Ukraine, the Ukrainian government calls all their citizens to take the guns to defend their country. After that, Usyk flies off to Ukraine and picks up the gun against the Russian army. So many other players also leave their all matches and bouts to defend the country. Usyk joins there with Wladimir and VasiliyLomachenko who also join the Ukraine military.

After Usyk went to Ukraine, the match against Joshua got canceled. Since then Joshua his trying to find a new opponent for him. There were so many rumors going on about what will be the next fight of Joshua.

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After so many talks and discussions finally, we got some news about Joshua’s next fight. Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn finally gave us something that gives us a hint about the bout. There are so many possible fighters that may face Joshua in their next bout.

After Hearn’s statement, the most possible boxer who will stay against Joshua is Deontay Wilder. Nothing is fixed yet the talk between Wilder and Joshua is underway. Soon, we may hear the final news of Joshua vs Wilder. If that happens then it will be one biggest boxing matches of the year. This may even take the attention of the Fury vs Whyte match.

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If the deal gets done between Joshua and Wilder then it will be the best option for Wilder. Wilder lost his last fight against Fury dramatically. The trilogy fight end between Fury vs Wilder. After the defeat, Wilder has no place to go, it was kinda shameful for him. On the other hand, Joshua lost his first match against Usyk. So undoubtedly, this will be a most perfect match.

Who else may fight Anthony Joshua?

After Joshua lost against Usyk, Fury suggests that he wanna fight Usyk. He also told Joshua to stay between Usyk vs Fury match. But that didn’t happen and Fury signed a deal with Whyte.

After the Wilder, Luis Ortiz, Otto Wallin, and fellow British fighter Joe Joyce are also the possible fighters that may face Joshua.

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