Elena Rybakina

Kazakhstani tennis star Elena Rybakina recently spoke about the quality of her game and her chances at the upcoming French Open. In a press conference held ahead of the tournament, Rybakina expressed her confidence and optimism as she prepares to compete on the clay courts of Roland Garros.

Elena Rybakina currently ranked 22nd in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) rankings, has been making waves on the professional tennis circuit with her remarkable performances. The 22-year-old has shown tremendous growth and improvement in her game over the past year, reaching a career-high ranking of 17 earlier this season.

When asked about the quality of her game, Rybakina acknowledged the progress she has made and the hard work she has put in to elevate her performance. She mentioned her increased fitness level and enhanced mental focus as crucial factors contributing to her recent success. Rybakina emphasized that she has been working diligently on refining her techniques and strategies to adapt to different court surfaces, including clay.

Regarding her chances at the French Open, Rybakina conveyed her optimism and enthusiasm. While acknowledging the highly competitive nature of the Grand Slam event, she expressed her belief in her abilities to perform well on the clay courts. Rybakina highlighted her strong baseline game and powerful shots as assets that could prove advantageous during the tournament.

Rybakina also acknowledged the challenges that come with playing on clay, which demands patience, agility, and adaptability. However, she reassured her fans and supporters that she has been dedicating ample time to practice on clay courts and has been working closely with her coach to further develop her skills on this particular surface.

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