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England was looking for a new captain to give control of their test match. And on Thursday, The England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) announced all-rounder Ben Stokes’s name as the new captain of the England test cricket team.

Ben Stokes is the guy who understands the field situation better than anyone. His previous performance proves that he is able to observe the whole field and know what’s best for his teammates more than any other player. Plus, Stokes has the attribute and quality to lead.

There was talking going on for the past few months about who will take the steering wheel of the England test cricket team. Stokes’s name came up many times but obviously, he wasn’t the only choice at first. After Joe Root leave the responsibility of being a test team captain, nothing comes between the Stokes and England’s captaincy. Plus, Stokes has previous experience as he was the sub-captain.

The England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) published their new captain’s name on Thursday. Stokes will take responsibility for the inheritance of Root. Stokes will be the 81st test cricket captain of England. England cricket team board and fans are expecting a great deal from Stokes.

Root was in charge of the England test cricket captain for five long years. It’s not like England ever seen good days through the hand of Root. But compared to bad times the good days very less. After a consecutive failure, Root faced huge criticism. And he has no road to go but to leave the captaincy. On April 15, Root step aside from his duty.

In the beginning, Root was bringing trophies and titles to his nation by leading his team perfectly. But for the last half and year, it seems like England forgot how to play cricket. They see the light of victory only once in their last 17 games. They lost all the last five test matches.

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In Root’s present, people demand to bring Stokes as the new captain. Former England cricket captains like Michel Von, Nasser Hussain, and Michael Atherton also wanted to see Stokes as the new captain.

How Ben Stokes will deal with this such big responsibility?

The managing director of the English cricket board Rob Key discusses the captaincy matter with Stokes and told the wish of former captains. Stokes happily agrees with the proposition. And the then declaration comes.

Key says about Stokes, “I had no hesitation in offering the role of Test captain to Ben.”

“He epitomises the mentality and approach we want to take this team forward into the next era of red-ball cricket. I am delighted that he has accepted, and he is ready for the added responsibility and the honour. He thoroughly deserves the opportunity.”

Stokes is very much excited about the whole thing and take responsibility happily. He says, “I am honoured to be given the chance to lead the England Test team. This is a real privilege, and I’m excited about getting started this summer.”

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