Floyd Mayweather vs Don Moore
Photo: SportBibel

Floyd Mayweather and Don Moore were set to go fist to fist in a big-money exhibition game at the Burj Al Arab, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, on Saturday, 14 May 2022. But the fight has been called off because of the death of the UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Mayweather’s fight was underway at the Helipad Boxing Ring on the Burj Al Arab hotel. But the fight has been postponed just hours before it hits the ring. After the president’s death, the country is preparing for a 40-day mourning period. A 3-day suspension of work has already been ordered.

Mayweather vs Moore will be rescheduled in a week, and big money will be up for grabs. The “Money,” nicknamed Mayweather, will have an estimated purse of eight figures in this fight while his opponent Don Moore of seven figures. Here you can check out the Purse and Payouts of Floyd Mayweather vs. Don Moore.

When will Floyd Mayweather vs. Don Moore be rescheduled?

According to TMZ, the big money exhibition fight between Floyd Mayweather and Don Moore could be rescheduled for next week.


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