Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte
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Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte is the most anticipated fight of this year. On April 23, the two biggest boxing stars in the world will step into the ring to take down each other. Before even starting the fight, these boxers are fighting with each other over media.

Whyte claims that Fury is playing a mind game with him, and he will not be afraid of this. And in response to this, Fury says that Whyte is terrified of him, and that’s why he is saying all these silly things. This talking bout started over the issue of Whyte’s absence from the press conference.

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Fury and Whyte both are the most prominent and powerful boxers in the whole world. Fury is the undefeated champion and defended his title against the Wilder last year October in their trilogy fight. On the other hand, Whyte has lost only to fight in his entire career. First in 2015 against Anthony Joshua and second in 2020 to Alexander Povetkin.

Though, Whyte successfully took revenge for his loss against Povetkin last year in March. He shut down Povetkin in their rematch for the interim WBC heavyweight title. And after winning the bout, he became the mandatory challenger for Fury.

Fury will put all his titles against Whyte. This is the only fight where fans are really worried about the future of Fury. From all perspectives, it looks like that Whyte could defeat Fury.

Just before the fight of Fury vs Whyte, Whyte brings out the past history of Fury. People were saying a lot of things about Whyte’s failure to attend the conference.

Then, Whyte says about it, “People forget, Tyson Fury didn’t turn up to the Wladimir Klitschko press conference.”

“Everyone is giving me stick, but Fury didn’t actually turn up to that press conference – and he was contractually obliged to go to that. I weren’t.”

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“I don’t care what Tyson Fury says. He says a lot of s***. His mouth is like a toilet; he just keeps on flushing and flushing and flushing.”

” don’t really care about what he says and what he does. Me and him are going to have a fight regardless. I don’t care about mind games.”

“Listen, I’m a fighter; I’m a warrior. If he wants it, any time, anywhere, I’m down.”

Tyson Fury Responds to Whyte:

Fury immediately responds to Whyte. He says, “He [Whyte] has definitely shown a white flag today. All this social media stuff, ‘I’m not promoting the fight, I’m not getting involved in mind games. He’s given me that much more confidence; it’s unbelievable.”

“He’s terrified of me. He’s definitely showing the white flag in my estimation of this fight.”

Both fighters have a great chance of winning the fight. Fury’s odds to win the fight by decision or technical decision: +220. And his odds by KO, TKO, or DQ is -150.

On the other hand, Whyte’s odds of winning the fight by decision or technical decision: is +2200. And his odds of winning the fight by KO, TKO, or DQ is +450.

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