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In recent years, a side of Scottie Pippen that most of us were unaware of has emerged. That is, he declined to sign or take pictures with youngsters. The former Chicago Bulls superstar was recently rebuked for criticizing his former teammate, Michael Jordan. However, another rumor concerning the former basketball player’s wife has lately surfaced.

Future Revealed His Reasons for Sleeping with Larsa

Scottie Pippen, the former Chicago Bulls player, once turned down a young man who requested an autograph. This was his regular scenario, as his former teammates said he wasn’t a particularly friendly guy. Surprisingly, the young man in question was revealed to be Future, a future rap sensation. The fact that his childhood hero Scottie Pippen had rejected him was something Future never forgot. In order to get payback, he chose to have a sexual affair with Larsa Pippen, his then-wife.

In a recent “State Plug” podcast, Future’s long-term friend and fellow rapper A$AP Rocky confirmed the suspicion. Additionally, Moneybagg Yo’s 2020 album “Time Served” featured Future. A verse in the song “Federal Fed” goes, “I did it by mistake, it wasn’t on purpose, and I ended up f***ing your wife.” The line’s ingenious in-between interpretation reinforces every fan’s mistrust once again.

Larsa Pippen About Her Former Fling with The Rapper

Larsa Marie Pippen, the ex-wife of a former NBA player, has her own story to tell. In an interview with “Hollywood Raw,” she disclosed further facts about her relationships with Scottie Pippen and Future.

In the interview, she explained that she didn’t have a good relationship with her husband. As he was out of home most of the time. Therefore, she didn’t consider other relationships as cheating on her husband.

Larsa also expressed her dissatisfaction with Future. “It was definitely a respectable relationship. It was just like we were friends, and we needed each other at that moment. And that was basically it,” she stated. The actress also stated that she was yearning for love at the time. But Future wasn’t thinking about it. Instead, he simply wanted to create more attention around himself. Furthermore, everyone she encountered in Los Angeles merely sought to exploit her for their own gain.

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With this, the rap sensation Future confirmed the rumor of his revenge. On the other hand, Larsa Pippen downplayed their romantic bond. Share your thoughts on the subject in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to check out our coverage of the most recent events.

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