How Relocatable Court Buildings Enhance Sports

Sports are a serious thing to many people; whether they are engaging in them as a career or merely for leisure, they invest a lot of time and money. Whether building individual skills or assembling strong teams, they demand the best facilities.

At the same time, we must not forget the fans who rarely miss watching or spectating their favourite teams or sportspersons that also deserve the best facilities.

There has been a recent evolution in infrastructure in the world of sports. This has been fuelled by a desire to improve the performance of the athletes and enhance the experience for the fans. And one of the newest trends that is transforming sports infrastructure is using relocatable court buildings.

What is a relocatable court building?

Unlike conventional sports facilities that are permanent structures, relocatable court buildings are portable and modular structures that have been tailor-made to accommodate certain sports.

They are designed to be easily assembled, dismantled and moved from one place to another, enabling sports organisations to organise sports facilities in many different locations.

A relocatable court building is made from lightweight but strong materials such as aluminium or steel, and composite panels, which make them easy to move yet very durable.

The prefabricated structures to house sports courts can be quickly assembled and disassembled without much construction work. The good news is that sports organisations that would like to have them can obtain high-quality structures from Smart-Space, the leading temporary buildings provider in the UK.

So, what sports can relocatable court buildings host? These sports facilities can be used for the following sports to name but a few:

  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball

How do relocatable court buildings enhance the sports experience?

Below are some of the advantages of relocatable court buildings that make them improve the sports experience for both the athletes and the fans:

They are highly flexible and versatile

Compared to traditional sports structures, relocatable court buildings offer unmatched flexibility and versatility. This is because they can be easily customised to accommodate different requirements for each event and different sports.

Organisers and team management can configure the courts to be used for tennis, basketball, badminton or other sports. Moreover, the structures can be installed to allow the expected number of fans to watch their favourite teams play meaning the courts can be expanded or reduced in size to accommodate the expected number of spectators.

They are portable—taking sports activities to different locations

Because the relocatable court buildings are easy to relocate, sports organisations can move them to different locations taking the sports to various fans helping cement better relationships with the teams.

This portability is also a great advantage for those organisations that may not have their own space but have to lease or get permission to use other people’s space for a short time. Such sports organisations can still host their activities without permanent structures or having to invest heavily.

Relocatable court buildings are cost-effective

Sports facilities do not come cheap and require quite substantial investment to acquire land and erect permanent structures. This is not possible for all organisations as some have small budgets yet seek to help low-income neighbourhoods grow their sports talent.

Fortunately, relocatable court buildings are affordable and their cost varies depending on size and other factors, so most organisations can get what fits their budget.


Certainly, relocatable court buildings help to enhance sports performance and the fans’ experience as they allow athletes to use customised facilities and bring events closer to the fans. In addition, they help to promote cultural exchange when sports activities, including international ones, are hosted in different places thanks to the portability and easy assembly of these structures.

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